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Topic: Advice requested by new newcomer? (8 msgs / 267 lines)
1) From: Malvene Lemerick
After a couple of weeks of lurking on your informative  mailing list and ar=
med with directions on roasting in a bread machine (thanks Vicki) and Tom's=
 great descriptions of stages in roasting Saturday I roasted my first beans=
. =
What fun.  I had some green beans from a local coffee shop which they could=
 only tell me were from Ethiopia ¾ of a lb which I roasted  into 2nd crac=
k. Secondly my first bag of SW mixed 8 sampler, Brazil Coromandel- Fazenda =
Sao Joao ½  a lb which I roasted well into 1st crack.   I forced myself t=
o wait 24 hours before tasting them using our Rancilio grinder and Elli Nuo=
va Simonelli espresso machine.  My palate needs educating but they were bot=
h very smooth. Over the next couple of days I have tried each as Americano =
and latté .  My husband and I are having the same problem, we are enjoyin=
g the taste but finding that the caffeine buzz that follows almost immediat=
ely is nearly headache inducing.  The Ethiopian is by far the strongest.  =
Should I be using less coffee per cup, or should I be roasting them more or=
 less ,or am I drinking them too soon? Any advice would be most welcome.  W=
e have been using this grinder and espresso machine for 8 years and have al=
ways enjoyed our coffees before, without this uncomfortable feeling.  Thank=
s in advance Malvene. =
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2) From: Mike Chester
Home roast should have about the same caffeine level as quality commercial =
roast.  Roasting darker does result in lowering the caffeine level, but it =
should not make as much difference as you note.  Since you do not know the =
true origin of the beans, it is hard to determine the cause.  Maybe you =
actually got Robusta beans.  They have about twice the caffeine as Arabica. =
Another possibility is that the beans may have a contaminant on them that i=
s =
the true culprit.  I would suggest ordering from Tom (the sampler is a good =
place to start)  His beans are all first quality. If you still have a =
problem, you will at least know that it is not caused by faulty beans.
Mike Chester

3) From: Brett Mason
Welcome Malvene and Husband - glad you're here!
It sounds, as Mike indicated, that you got some cheaper Robusta rather than
the Arabica's indicated...
Checkout an 8lb sampler and get two 2lb bags of decaf from Tom too.  His
decafs are as good as his regulars, and then you'll have a blender choice if
you need to tone down the caffeine...
Personally I don't drink store bought, or canned coffee anymore, and do find
that canned coffee has more caffeine (Robusta again, I think).
Good luck,
On Tue, Feb 26, 2008 at 11:15 PM, Malvene Lemerick 
-- =
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4) From: Floyd Lozano
There's more of a push these days for canned coffee to use Arabica
beans (see the new folger's cans if you dare!) likely not to actually
improve the cup quality but because of the perception that Arabica is
better tasting than Robusta (generally true, but crap still tastes
like crap).  I'll bet the Robusta that you can buy from SM is better
than any Arabica that went into that can ;)
Personally, if I can't get homeroast or coffee from a trusted roaster
(SM, Terroir in a pinch, Peets in moments of desperation), I'll drink
Mountain Dew or Diet Coke.
ps I am currently enjoying the Columbia El Placer #3 Cup of Excellence
roasted some 5 days past in my new HotTop.  Very nice, mild raisiny
sweetness, a hint of black cherry dipped in dark chococolate.  One of
my favorite coffees of all time.http://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.reviewarchive.a-col.htmlOn Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 7:41 AM, Brett Mason  wrote:
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5) From: Bill
Welcome to the list, and welcome to the fun!!!
I actually don't have anything to really tell you in regards to your
questions...hopefully others will have some thoughts.  Just this: it's not
about resting the beans, that affects the ways that the flavors have
developed and what-not, but not anything having to do with stimulants or
headaches.  I honestly don't know... as Mike noted, you shouldn't be getting
any more caffeine in home roast than in commercial coffee...  maybe others
will have some thoughts.
I have some friends who make half-caf homeroast. they have purchased several
of tom's decafs and they mix 50-50 with regular coffees.  That might be the
way to go.  Me, I only drink an occasional decaf and take it to dinners, so
I bought some of his donkey blend... you might want to look that direction.
 Decaf freshly roasted is so much better than anything that is sold as
sorry not to have any answers, but hope i helped a bit!
welcome again!
On Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 6:36 AM, Floyd Lozano  wrote:
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6) From: Vicki Smith
Hi Malvene--the only other variable--especially since you had this in 
the SM beans as well as the unknown ones--might be your roaster set-up.
I have not yet heard of anyone whose bread machine was coated with 
something that created this kind of problem, but it seems at least 
theoretically possible that a bad/poorly applied coating might be adding 
something into the beans that you and your hubby are reacting to.
I am not talking about the Teflon-off gassing issue (which I don't see 
as problematic, actually) but rather something very specific to the 
coating on your bread machine.
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7) From: Vicki Smith
PS: the fact that your 2nd roast (which happened to be a SM bean) was 
less of a problem than your first roast would tempt me into doing some 
throw away roasts and seeing if it decreases over time. If it is an 
issue with the coating, it just might.
Another tactic would be to go to a thrift store, get another bread 
machine, and see if it still is an issue.
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8) From: Paul Helbert
Another way you might get more than usual caffeine is that you might be
drinking lots more of it because it tastes better than what you had
previously. If that is it, just cut back the cups  size and savor it more.
The headaches, however, make me suspect contamination rather than caffeine.
I think Vicki may be onto something.
Please keep us posted as to what you find out.
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half so much worth doing as simply
messing about in boats."
---Ratty to Mole in Kenneth Grahame's
  The Wind in the Willows
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