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Topic: Roast too fast in IR2 (10 msgs / 282 lines)
1) From: sci
Thanks Bob and Carol for suggestions with my IR2 roasting in afterburner
I tried one other suggestion for a profile and it still makes no difference.
If I use this:
I get this: First crack at around 4:30-5 minutes. And if I want to end at C,
then the roast will be over before 5:30. If I go to C+ the roast will be
over before 6:00.  Since 90% of my roasts need to end before C+ I may as
well use a $5 air popper.
What I want to do is stretch out a C or C+ roast to about 8 to 10 minutes,
but the IR2 would already have made Spanish Roast by then. It just won't
slow down even if I program in 320, its lowest setting. If I put 320 for 5
minutes, my probe says the chamber is at about 390 about the end of that
stage (and first crack is well under way).
I can only surmise that the IR2 I have is either defective or that my line
voltage (125) is too high.

2) From: Bob Hazen
Here's my favorite IR1 profile.  Of course, nobody "needs" all five of the 
IR2's stages, right?  (grin)
320 / 5min
380 / 6 min
405 / 4 min
Most coffees I'd run to 5-10 seconds into 2nd and hit cool.  Others I'd stop 
at the first pop of 2nd.  The nice thing about the IR is they stop quickly. 
I'm still struggling with the Behmor's momentum.  With it, I've getting 
pretty good at hitting C------ or FC+++++++.  Life is learning.
Some folks have said that the IR doesn't have the fine temperature control 
it implies.  For example, their may not be any difference between it's 
reaction to a 405 or 400 degree setting.  It's more like low medium and 
high.  I can't remember all the details, but the archives would have a 
wealth of information the IR's reactions to various settings.

3) From: Carole Zatz
On 3/1/08, sci  wrote:
The temperature you set on the IR2 has absolutely nothing to do with
the actual temperature. It's better to think of it as a stepped scale.
Maybe you can try 320 for 5 minutes, to see if you can slow down the
first crack. The goal would be to get through 5 minutes of roasting
without hitting first crack. If that works, you can then tinker with
the rest of the stages. Maybe you don't need to go to 400 for stage 2
to kick off the first crack. A lower temp might work better. I
sometimes even set my second stage at 400 to only 30 seconds.
I think you're going to have a difficult time getting only to City or
City+ in 8 to 10 minutes. If you've got one of the "hot" IR2's, like
mine, it can be a bear.
Have you checked the voltage at the outlet? It could be high. One
other thing to think about is trying another outlet where the voltage
isn't as high (if you can find one).
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4) From: Mike Sieweke
If you're getting to first crack in 5 minutes on a setting of 385,
don't raise the temperature to 420!  That's going from low heat
straight to high.
Here's the profile I use for regular (not decaf) beans:
     385 x 10 minutes
     390 x 5 minutes
There's a big temperature step between these two settings, so the
rise is much greater than 5 degrees.  The second stage is there
only as protection in case the beans have an unusually small amount
of chaff.  I rarely go over 10 minutes.
First crack starts around 5 minutes, and I typically end the roast
at 8 to 9 minutes - which is usually before second crack.
On Mar 1, 2008, at 3:00 PM, sci wrote:
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5) From: sci
Thanks for everybody's input on the IR2, aka "IRoar2"
I have tried everybody's solutions, but to no avail, except for one: buy
another roaster. Alas, that sounds like a good solution. I use the Whirley
Pop a lot too and I get a great City roast at around 14 minutes, but it is
more of a chore.
What I have learned:
1 . Profiles mean little on IR2 (Hearthware would have done better to have
"low, medium, and high" settings, but that isn't as appealing as the
illusion of 5 degree increments. I'd even be happy with 20 degree increments
that really worked. Honestly 320 and 395 give the same results: first crack
in 5 minutes).
2. I have tried four score and seven different profiles, but the 5 minute
first crack is as predictable as the sunrise. First crack in 5 minutes is
just too fast, (but hey, it's a lot better than charbucks).
3. There's no good way (variac, but $$$) to reliably slow it down or
manipulate the heat output.
4. Hearthware's IR3 needs to fix this and they should on such a pricey
little appliance.
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6) From: Brett Mason
You might see if you can get by cheap while you refine what roaster to
invest in...
I'd suggest a popper, an extension cord to slow down the roast, an angled
piece of wood so you can setup the roaster to let off some heat, and a
colander and wooden spoon for cooling...  I did this for my first two years,
until I built a drum.  I still go there somewhat often cause it's easy, it
moves the beans on its own, removes chaff (all over the back yard), and is
easily replaceable...
If you have a BBQ with side burner, I'd recommend heavy skillet (I use
revere 12" Stainless) and steel spatula, doing a pound at a time....
Thrift stores until you nail down what sized loads really work for you, and
what method you want to settle on.  I never settle, I keep tinkering...
Good luck,
and great coffee along the way,
On Sat, Mar 1, 2008 at 8:26 PM, sci  wrote:
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7) From: Brett Mason
Today the temp jumped up to 66, and a lot of snow melted!  Still higher than
the mailbox, but looks like Winter may end someday!
Took the opportunity to step out back and do a skillet roast - 2lb Brazil
Fazenda, in my 12" skillet, with a heat gun above...  I always enjoy skillet
roasting, even though the color can be deceiving!  I always remember the joy
of watching all the beans, smelling the drying, turning and roasting...  The
heat gun above can help even out the temp too, but still a few beans
scorch.  Gotta keep lifting and folding to even out the roast...
So I took the skillet to FC+ - or so I thought...  Once I grind, I find that
I really hit a City to Full City roast.  It's nice, but a lot lighter than I
normally would pick...  I pulled an espresso right away (unrested, still
warm), and it is OK.  Not as sour as before, so the Oscar tweaking
helped...  I still find it is bright and the flavors haven't settled down
much yet...
More tomorrow....  Oh and guess what?  There's a Winter Weather alert - we
should get 2" of sleet and snow tonight....
The rain has started!
On Sat, Mar 1, 2008 at 8:34 PM, Brett Mason  wrote:
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8) From: Rich
That is just the front edge, look to the west.  Better wax your snow 
Brett Mason wrote:
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9) From: Brett Mason
Yep... Rich you are right on the money!
Basking in the warmth, with downhill dreams...
But I got to take the P-car out for a spin today - was nice while the roads
were dry!
On Sun, Mar 2, 2008 at 5:33 PM, Rich  wrote:
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10) From: raymanowen
Yup, yup- we awakened to that white crap and corruption this morning. BUT I
I did not shovel my walks, drive and three neighbors to the north and south.
Back to Solar snow removal- Ray has left the area. I should retire-
It was sooo much fun to kick back and enjoy the Moki's Farm Kona instead of
responding to the anticipatory muscle twinge as I almost thought about
jumping into work clothes and boots! Only enough of Moki's left for a shot-
gotta Find where in Blazes I put that thing. It has the newest part of my
coffee stash with it, too.
I was going to roast the Panama Carmen Estate 1800mtrs+ that has been
superb, or the Moki's Farm Kona that has been phenomenal for the past few
weeks. Instead, I was being summoned by the Fiver of Ethiopian Harar Green
I think I got it about 30 seconds beyond the end of First as I was
throttling the Fresh Roast, for 9:20 total roast. I did a Steinway at 0.67:1,
practically out of the roaster. Maybe a 5 minute rest as I flash froze 12g
of beans before grinding into the Gold mesh filter that hangs out in my TV.
Wow! Why don't I do this all the time? I must be borderline autistic,
because I hate Same. Would that I could do this all the time, though. No
slouch this time, and I have some '06 Sumatra Classic Mandheling to go with
it when I roast it. From the guy that never does blends...
I can blend now, instead of being achy-breaky from shoveling all morning.
Gotta readjust my brain cell.
Cheers, Mabuhay -RayO, aka Opa!
Don't need to meet the snow half way any more- very early and/ or very
On Sun, Mar 2, 2008 at 4:33 PM, Rich  wrote:
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