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1) From: Bill
Thursday night I did 4 batches of Ethiopia Idido Misty Valley, attempting to
determine what my palate prefers in a light roast.  The question was, do I
prefer a city roast 1. once it hits city with no delays, 2. with a minute
between 1st crack and eor, 3. with 2 minutes between 1st and eor, or 4. with
4 minutes between 1st and eor?
Anyway, I don't have the results back yet (still tabulating the results!).
 However, one roast stalled right after 1st crack began... it was roast #3,
I backed the heat off too much, as I was attempting to slowly ramp temp.  at
1 minute past 1st crack my temp was 415 (IR temp).  at 90 seconds, it was
410...uh oh!!!  I upped the heat, pulled the beans at 2 minutes and 425 F...
a good temp description of stalled if I understand that word correctly.
Anyway, have been loving some IMV in my FP the last few days.  Today on my
2nd cup I decided to taste this roast, to see if I could taste the
Oh yeah.  The smell of the beans: flat.  Smell of grounds, no life.  smelled
like coffee not much else.  French Pressed it, drank some after it
cooled...ugh.  Now, granted, this was better than anything I can actually
buy in Cheyenne, but it was bad.  It was flat and lifeless.  It tasted like
a heavy coffee, thick bad aftertaste.  I'm sorry that my descriptions aren't
more clear, but that's just what it tasted like!  So I let it cool a bit
more to see if I am missing anything... nope!  Just bad.
Lots of blueberry flavor in other roasts, but this stalled roast was just
plain ol bad.  I'll save it and brew it again at 7 days rest and see if that
redeems it any... but i seriously doubt it.
Anyway, a valuable learning experience.  A heat ramp that worked with a
Colomian did not work with this Ethiopian.  My next roast (#4) took this
into consideration and I pulled off a nice slow ramp of temp.  I haven't
tasted that one yet, but I will tomorrow.
Happy roasting!  I'm off hunting!
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2) From: gin
if you are off hunting the reclusive bean profile, sit back. I will not happen. 
While I am clear that you can replicate a bean profile; does the coffee taste the same?
No. It will/may seem the same to the person who roasted it for you and served it to you (read they want this to taste the same???!!). 
I clearly does not. The roaster gets close but never on the mark and that is what makes roasting coffee so unique and wonderful!!
Ya just never know for sure what you will get.
It's like riding the Merry-Go-Round and grabbing for the golden ring!! 
How close did you get the last time? or the time before that??
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3) From: Brett Mason
Be sure to keep those beans.  Try again after 3 more days...Then after 7
days as well...
,,,imagine my surprise when the Zimbabwe Dandoni, a failed roast, suddenly
reared it's incredible head after 7 days - was/is one of the best coffees
ever.  Just would have never known it after only 1-6 days....
On Sun, Mar 2, 2008 at 1:34 PM, Bill  wrote:
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4) From: Bill
A final report on this batch of beans... The stalled roast never improved.
 I have enough for 1 more pot, I'll try again next Thursday morn, but I
assume they'll still be bad!  This morning I drank a pot of roast #2 which
was delicious, and then I had a pot of #3... a week's rest couldn't improve
that bean... dull and lifeless.  Decent body, but it just tasted (again)
like coffee.  Maybe next week...
On Sun, Mar 2, 2008 at 2:06 PM, Brett Mason  wrote:
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5) From: miKe mcKoffee
IIRC they're a week rested now. If they're still dead I'd not expect them to
miraculously resurrect themselves with further resting. But hey, nothing to
loose and anything's possible!
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6) From: Bill
Yeah, I have no hope for them at all... but like you say MiKe, nothing to
lose.  It beats just throwing them out... I brew them first, find out
they're worthless, and then throw it out.  But an excellent test.
And, a thank you for a perfectly curmudgeonly response from a couple of
weeks ago... I asked about brightness and time from first to eor and you
told me to roast some beans and figure it out myself.  which i did!  I will
continue to do this, but preliminary findings indicate i prefer a coffee
with less time between 1st and eor...  so thanks for the curmudgeon!
On Thu, Mar 6, 2008 at 8:07 PM, miKe mcKoffee  wrote:
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