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1) From: lesliejcarpenter
Hi All,
Does anyone here roast espresso?? Do you mix the beans then roast or do you roast each separately then blend?
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2) From:
Personally, I mix after roasting because all that I blend includes Malabar
(the beans are bigger and it roasts quicker, I know there is a case to be
made for roasting after blending in some cases

3) From: Les
Espresso is a drink, not a roast.  So I don't roast espresso, I roast the
coffee beans for making an espresso drink.  This may be a preroasted blend,
but more and more I post-roast blend.  Granted there are times I roast a
bean with espresso in mind, but 90% of the time I roast to bring out the
best of the bean.  So if I were going to pull a shot right now, I have some
verry nice Yemen roasted up and some other nice coffees.  Here is what I
would blend with what I currently have roasted.  40% Bali roasted to a full
city plus 20% Yemen roasted full city, 30% Nicaragua Pacamara roasted city
and 10% India Liberica roasted city.  The Bali and the Yemen will give the
espresso a lot of body and pull the brightness down.  The Pacamara will give
excellent complex flavors and enhance a nice chocolate finish.  The Liberica
will give an initial flavor explosion that with get the taste festival off
to a good start!  (I just went a fired up the espresso machine, this sounds
too good to pass up!)  So, I hope this example helps you see that espresso
is a drink not a roast.  I do have a "Quad" blend that I like as a
pre-roasted blend.  I blend equal parts of a good Dry Processed Brazil with
a good Indonesian coffee, and a Rwanda or Wet processed Ethiopian, and a
good high grown Central American (bourbon preferred).  I roast this blend to
a nice full city.   Makes an excellent espresso shot every time!
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4) From: Brett Mason
Hi Leslie,
So many different beans can be used fr espresso.  Many beans are great on
their own, while blends can use a variety of flavors and nuances to make a
more balanced shot.  And as you may guess, there isn;t a single bean called
"espresso", unless it is what is liquified and carried into the cup - which
still depends on whichever bean is your bean....
So many different people have so many different "favorites" in the "which
bean?" categories as well...  With none to guide you, I would recommend one
of Sweet Maria's blends, like the monkey blend or donkey blend, or Liquid
Amber blend - as a starting point...
Me, I throw them all together and then roast - probably not the best
approach, but one of the easiest...  Doesn;t really treat each bean the
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5) From: Sandy Andina
I tend to be lazy and buy green blends--Monkey, Liquid Amber,  
Greenline; but when I make my Rocket Fuel, I roast each bean according  
to SM's suggested degree printed on the label.  I know that Metropolis  
puts a slightly different assortment of beans into its roast-it-all-at  
once hobbyist blend Greenline than it does in its separately roasted  
flagship Red Line espresso blend, and I think Intelligentsia had to  
rethink its blend in order to make its roast-it-all-at-once Black Cat  
Homeroaster blend taste similar to its custom Black Cat.
Sandy Andina
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