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Topic: Boston Coffee Shops -- was Protecting my homeroast (5 msgs / 90 lines)
1) From: mirrera
Unless Floyd's talking about my house (in the South End), I'm sure he's referring to Simon's in Porter Sq. in Cambridge, which is world-class.  There's a big drop off after that, from what I've sampled.
You're welcome to come to my place for a shot.  I'm currently pulling Mike's excellent Ohana blend.

2) From: Ben Salinas
I agree entirely on the comment about Simon's.
Atomic Cafe (in Marblehead and Beverly) are also of note in the area (but
they are up on the North Shore, so it might be a bit of a trek).  They roast
themselves, and I've had good experience with their coffees.
If you enjoy Intelly, you might try out Diesel (Davis Square) or Bloc 11
(Union Square), but they are consistently worse than Simon's (Porter Square)
or Atomic (Due to the larger size of Bloc 11 and Diesel, it is sometimes
worth going there if you are interested in just getting some work done).  It
is my experience that Diesel is usually better than Bloc
11.  At about the same level, there is 1369 (Inman and Central), but
they also don't compare to Simon's which is just up the street.
(in MetroWest Boston)
On 3/12/08, mirrera  wrote:
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3) From: Seth Grandeau
I'm not to far from Simon's.  I should go check it out.
On 3/12/08, Ben Salinas  wrote:
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4) From: Ann McCann
I tried my first ristretto at Simon's, on the advice of the Boston Chowhound
board.  The gist of the CH discussion was that the coffee wasn't that great,
but the espresso drinks were very good.  Can't speak to the plain coffee,
but I loved loved loved the ristretto - even though it was made with  George
Howell's Brazilian Terroir beans, not my style.  And talking with the coffee
geeks behind the counter was fun and informative:  two hits in one!  they
convinced me to take Howell's seminar of coffee this coming Saturday at BU.
Was not impressed at all by the coffee or the pastries Bloc 11 - but it was
a good place to have a meeting.  1369 Coffeehouse is ok when I'm in Inman or
Central Square, but Simon's is the real deal.
On Wed, Mar 12, 2008 at 2:00 PM, Seth Grandeau  wrote:
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5) From: Ben Salinas
I wanted to revive this thread just long enough to mention a shop in Newton,
MA which is now under new management called Taste.
They have a 3 Group Synesso and brew Terroir (they are currently pulling a
Yirg as their espresso, and offer a few different coffees on drip).  It's a
nice little shop, and the
owner (Nik) is absolutely fantastic. He's really passionate about the
coffee, and
actually does a bit of home-roasting (he says he recently bought a Behmor).
It's definitely worth a visit out there.  It's at 311 Walnut St in Newton,
MA (very near to the Newtonville Commuter Rail stop on the Worcester line)
I originally learned about the shop via www.barismo.com
On 3/13/08, Ann McCann <2newfies> wrote:
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