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1) From: Bill Allison
I am going to roast some this morning.  Tom recommends City to City +.
Should I stop the roast as the first crack begins to fade?  I am roasting
with a FreshRoast II.
Bill Allison
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2) From: Bill
Bill, I have used a freshie for a year.  Great machine, awesome workhorse.
 The trouble with it is that it goes so fast!!!  You really got to be on it!
 I never had good luck with it stopping it while 1st was still going on (but
mine roasts really fast!), so I always let 1st totally finish, a C+ or
C+/FC...  But why not do 2 roasts: roast 1 to the end of 1st, roast another
towards the end of 1st, but pull when it is still cracking?  that might
My freshie roasts so fast because of elevation, so my roasts are all between
3 and 4 minutes long.  With that short of a roast, maybe the insides of the
beans just weren't quite roasted until the end of 1st.
RayO cycles his freshie between roast and cool for a few seconds every
minute to extend the roast to like 15 minutes.
Brian Kamnetz says that when he was using his popper he had best results by
pushing everything just into 2nd, otherwise the insides were under-roasted.
So how's that for a bunch of useless info?  Good luck, and let me tell you,
if you get a nice light roast on this bean, you'll be richly rewarded!  I'm
drinking a cup this morning and it is amazing!!!  I only have enough for 1
more pot...
Oh, another piece of advice: roast a fair amount.  This stuff was great at
24 hours, but just marginal until 72 hours... then it was dynamite!!!
happy roasting
On Mon, Mar 17, 2008 at 8:10 AM, Bill Allison  wrote:
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3) From: John Despres
My Fresh Roast 8, left alone, roasts to end of first in about 6 minutes.
I, too, have had good results "throttling" the FR to cool and back to =
heat. I drilled a hole in the top of my chaff collector and inserted a =
grill thermometer to watch the temps, giving me a better idea of what =
I'm doing when playing with the dial. With the thermometer, I can really =
see the progress of the roast. It makes it easier to decide heat or cool =
Bill wrote:
-- =
John A C Despres
Hug your kids
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JDs Coffee Provoked Ramblings =
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4) From: Bill Allison
Thanks for the advice.  I have followed it and have roasted two batches to
what appears to me to be a city roast and two more at FC.  I was going to do
exactly as you suggested and go lighter on the second batches, but the first
went so fast that I decided to go a little to the dark side. I'll brew up
some on Thursday and we'll see how it goes.
I think it would be fairly easy to modify this thing by putting a switch  in
the heating element circuit so that I could turn it on and off easier than
turning the timer back and forth.
I got to first crack at 3:30, it finished at ~5:00; on the first two I
turned it off just as the first crack was slowing at ~4:35 or so.  The other
two I let go to 5:30.  There were still some 1st cracj late outliers, or the
beginning of second.  The roast is not quite as dark as the Linton I roasted
Friday to FC+, but it's close.  However, there is considerably more oil on
the exterior of the Linton beans.
Bill Allison

5) From: miKe mcKoffee
It's Sumatra "Lintong" not Linton, sounds like navel lint getting on
something, it's been buggin' me! :-)
Ok got that out of my system. IMO your chances of getting a good lighter
roast out of a stock FR are slim to none. Just too dang fast a roast. And
what darker roasts do completely roast the inside of the beans will be
rather one dimensional lacking complexity. And heaven help you if you ever
attempted to use a stock FR roasting for espresso! I actually cringe reading
about these roasts knowing what they're doing to the coffee that could be so
much better. Oh, and don't take it personal, you didn't design the stupid
OTOH a modified FR can be made to sing replicating virtually any profile
from your current 5min or less speed roasts to 20 minute or more super light
Cinnamon roasts should you desire. If your FR batch size is adequate I
highly suggest you consider going the next step. You'll have full control of
the roaster. I don't know how closely the mod directions for an orignal FR
versus FR8 are but here they are.http://www.mcKonaKoffee.comURL to Rosto mods, FrankenFormer, some recipes etc:http://www.mckoffee.com/Ultimately the quest for Koffee Nirvana is a solitary path. To know I must">http://tinyurl.com/6tnabKona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffeehttp://www.mcKonaKoffee.comURL to Rosto mods, FrankenFormer, some recipes etc:http://www.mckoffee.com/Ultimately the quest for Koffee Nirvana is a solitary path. To know I must
first not know. And in knowing know I know not. Each Personal enlightenment
found exploring the many divergent foot steps of Those who have gone before.
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