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1) From: Mike McGinness

2) From: JKG
But did you get thick crema?   :-)
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3) From: Glenn R. Holmes
I think the problem with this setup is the boiler. The pump problem has
been addressed beautifully but considering the distance of the pump from
the group head I think the water will lose temp. I think a good sized
steam boiler should do the trick. Imagine the frothing capability? 
I'd consider replacing the showerhead with a WaterPic so that you can
adjust the coffee stream. The crema should then be awesome once you have
adjusted the showerhead properly.
Good work there, I think he's on to something.
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4) From: John - wandering Texas
I laughed so hard I about strangled.  My sides still hurt!  Thanks for the
John - still laughing

5) From: Simpson
Ed said:
Ed, that's one heckuva 'coffee ready' light.
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6) From: Ed Needham
I replaced the showerhead with blue tip #3 to try to get a more even
spray.  Now my problem is the water keeps blasting through the
perforated metal portafilter.  I'm thinking the red tip #2 may have been
a better choice.  It worked better when stripping my deck.  I am sure
getting great crema, but I have to scrape it off the ceiling to get it.
Can someone give me a reference to where I can buy a demitasse with a
bolted on lid?
The other problem is not really the distance thing you point out (since
the pump pressurizes the boiler), instead, it's that the boiler keeps
getting bigger.  This really has me baffled.  All those straight, neat
little bends and creases at the edges have now become irregularly
rounded.  what used to look like a keg, now sort of looks like an
irregular ball.  Anyone have an idea why this might be happening?  Is it
that pressurized boiling hot water reacts differently than
non-pressurized boiling hot water?  Any suggestions are much
BTW...my wife likes the new 'espresso' color in the kitchen.  Now we
have to accessorize and color coordinate the curtains, floor and
Ed Needham

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