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Topic: new machine saga begins (6 msgs / 73 lines)
1) From: Simpson
This weekend I bid on, won and drove to atlanta to pick up a one group
gaggia machine. It is huge and will take some work to refurb. I thought I
might post pics of the process (and maybe ask a few questions as I went
along, here and perhaps on alt.coffee) but I'm new to this posting pics
stuff and I'm not sure I can point folks to my pics correctly. If someone
could follow the url below and see if they get a jpeg of the machine and
then let me know how well this works, I would really appreciate it. It
works for me, but I just want to make sure...
Tedhttp://members.carol.net/tnjsimpson/gaggia1gr.jpgps- I posted this several times and it never showed up. Tom just told me I
had the word h e l p in the title... Oops! 

2) From: Hugh Solaas
Your link works fine, Ted -- she's a real beauty!   -- Hugh

3) From: Gary Zimmerman
Didn't you at least get a return message that had  h e l p  information in it?
Anyway, I saw the image at your url.  No problem.  Looks nice!
-- garyZ
        & vacuum

4) From: Kirt Thomas
<Snip>http://members.carol.net/tnjsimpson/gaggia1gr.jpgTed, I followed the url, and saw the picture, and am indeed envious :)
Kirt Thomas  *  HW Gourmet  *  Vac-Pot  *  Rancilio Audrey
   Roasting in the comfort of the Garage for over a Year.

5) From: Richard
Nice Ted, I'm sure you will enjoy this new toy. Umberto is always ready
with lots of help on alt.coffee. Also, I'm sure you know, Owen recently
went down the path of a commercial machine.
Tell us more...
Simpson wrote:
Richard Schwaninger
"Consider what you want to do in relation to what you are capable
of doing. Mounainteering is above all a matter of integrity".
Gaston Rebuffat

6) From: peggykozy
Ted, your picture showed up very clear...and loaded fast.  Good job.

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