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Topic: Update: Poppery I (7 msgs / 136 lines)
1) From: JKG
Looks like my $1.99 Poppery I will work nicely without any
modifications, except for sticking in a tin can to contain
jumping beans.
Roasted up 3 batches of Guat Songbird early this morning
(1/2 cup by volume), and it was very, very fun.  Unlike my
Poppery II, which requires stirring for at least 30 secs before
a 1/3 cup of  beans will jump, this machine's powerful motor
immediately gets the beans moving. First crack at 4 1/2 minutes.
Beginning of first crack at 7 minutes.  This particular Poppery I
does not run as hot as my Poppery II.  I think I will employ
seasonal roasters:  Poppery I for summer and Poppery II for
By the way, when people on the list described the beginning of
second crack as "the vanguard," that really really helped me to pick
up my stopping point.  My roasts have become much more consistent
trying to hit that sweet spot.
Poppery I with Poppery II on standby

2) From: espressomio
If the Poppery I does not run hot enough (it should exceed the poppery
II) then there is an adjustable thermostat which can be adjusted hotter.
Also, the thermostat contacts may be dirty and need to be filed with a
good contact file. Pictures of the thermostat on my web site.  Mind you,
we have some members on the list (like Dave Waterfil) that just loves
the Poppery II and wont use anything else.
JKG wrote:
First crack at 4 1/2 minutes.
Richard (Dick) Heggs
Beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.
Homeroasting P(Mark I),espresso, drip--since 1997-established 1938http://members.home.net/espressomio/

3) From: Dave Waterfill
I do like the WBIIs as they are well made machines and terribly cheap though I
must be ever careful about saying anything about using them other than to pop
corn.  The six I use (really love popcorn ;-) ) are all just a bit different.  I
think when I have completely mastered them I may try one of those fancy home
Dave Waterfill

4) From: JKG
Dave Waterfill said:
cheap though I
than to pop
different.  I
fancy home
The popcorn poppers make this hobby really enjoyable for me.  And I
that every popper is different.  I wasn't complaining earlier about
the Poppery I
not heating fast enough; it surely does.  My Poppery II just does it
faster, making
me resort to long extension cords in the summer to slow things down.
If I was having the trouble some of these folks were having after
upwards of $100 for a coffee roasting machine, I'd be just a bit
At $2-$3 a machine, who can complain if the thing stops working? (I
wouldn't complain, but my heart might be broken).
Just out of curiosity.  Is it both the Poppery II and the Poppery I
that we aren't
supposed to be using for coffee roasting because of the patent
thingamajig?  And when does that guy's patent expire anyway so that I
use mine for popping stuff other than corn.  One more morsel for
if we modify the popper enough, wouldn't we fall outside the scope of
patent? Common sense tells me that it should be so, although the law
is not
always based upon common sense.
Poppery I with Poppery II as back-up.

5) From: Mandy Willison
I stuck the Fresh Roast Roaster 'chaff catcher' on top of the MarkII glass
bowl  (is this what its called Dick?)

6) From: Michael Vanecek
Actually, IMHO, patents prevent people from selling these things for
other than their designed purpose. You can use it as a bedpan for all
they care - once you own it it's a matter of warranty - not patent. At a
few bucks a pop, we can ditch the warranty. But if you take the WBI/II
Popcorn Popper and sell it as a coffee roaster, then you're pushing the
envelope a little and make yourself a target of a nasty-gram. Tom could
probably elaborate better...
JKG wrote:

7) From: espressomio
The problem is marketing a popper as a coffee roaster. Use your popper
anyway you see fit. It's your popper.  Don't sell it to a friend and tell
him to use it to roast coffee. That's all. The same gentleman (?) has
also patented several modifications to the popper, so just keep popping
corn in your roaster and keep looking over your shoulder as you do it.
(We really don't want to go another round on this topic, though, do we)
JKG wrote:
Richard (Dick) Heggs
Beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.
Homeroasting P(Mark I),espresso, drip--since 1997-established 1938http://members.home.net/espressomio/

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