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Topic: Recommendations for grinder (11 msgs / 252 lines)
1) From: Bryan & Larina
I am going to purchase a grinder tomorrow and want to get
recommendations from the list.  I want to spend no more than $75.  I
will alternate between coarse and drip grinds (maybe an espresso grind
every couple of months).
What brand/model would you recommend?
Thanks in advance for your help!
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2) From: Steve
I have been using the Solis Maestro for a couple of weeks. It's clean (there
were grounds everywhere with my Solis 177), quiet, easy to use and grinds
very well. It also has a nice size foot print, smaller than the 177.
Although actual settings will vary by user, the setting are marked by brew
type which makes it easy to get started.
This may sound like a sales pitch but I did not like the 177 at all. Before
that I used a whirly blade grinder.

3) From: jim gundlach
Wait until you can afford to pay more.  Upgrading to the grinders in the 
$75.00 price range unless you get a hand operated Zassenhaus is not an 
upgrade at all.  I'm currently lusting after the new Solis.
    Jim Gundlach
    Roasting over pecan wood fires
    near Shorter, Alabama
On Friday, February 1, 2002, at 01:21 AM, Bryan & Larina wrote:
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4) From: Al Raden
I agree.  I have a Zass that I got used on ebay.  I use it daily for 
French Press or my vacuum pot - works great and gives you a little 
exercise to boot.  Never tried it for espresso though I use a Solis 166 
for that.
- al r.
jim gundlach wrote:
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5) From:
In that price range, a Zassenhaus manual grinder.

6) From: Mike McGinness
I really Highly recommend the Solis Maestro but it's $129, above your stated
limit. There is a Solis Mulino 177 on eBay currently at $21...http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item29000370MM;-)
Home Roasting in Vancouver, WA USA
From: "Bryan & Larina" 
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7) From: Steven Tock
A simple modification to the Mr. Coffee burr grinder (model BM1, available at many stores for $24.99) will give very decent results for
drip/vacuum/french press brewing. I have been using the Mr. Coffee grinder for close to a year now for these brewing methods with very good results. I found a Bodum Antigua at Target for $34.90 a few weeks ago and returned it because the grind was no better than the Mr. Coffee, and it was much more staticy. I was surprised to find the Mr. Coffee grinder had very little static. If you are interested in trying this grinder email me for info on the modification. It is very simple and basically allows the burrs to come into very close contact with each other, and can give an infinite grind range if desired (or the mod can be done to still give click stop grind ranges).
I am still going to get the Maestro from Tom with my tax money though.
On Thu, 31 Jan 2002 23:21:06  
 Bryan & Larina wrote:
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8) From: Henry C. Davis
Odd, I have a Bodum (which grinds quite well) and have no static problems at
all. It also does not have the clogging of the mechanism and chute that one
of the Solis grinders has. Since Bodums are now hard to find, I would be
interested in the mod to the Mr. Coffee if it grinds as well as the Bodum.
While I may move up to the Maestro (based on reports thus far) for home when
the Bodum packs it in, I need a cheap one for work where I currently use a
whirly blade and put up with the dust.
If I could find another Bodum, particularly at that cheap a price, it would
be ideal, since my current unit works quite well, as do the other units my
friends have. Admittedly, most of the people I know do not use the Bodum for
espresso much, if at all, but for french press through the very fine grind I
use for my bunn commercial machines, all the units so far that I have
personally observed work well, so I would recommend it to anyone who does
not want to spend more than a hundred dollars and drinks enough that
grinding by hand would be a pain. (Or has disabilities so it isn't feasible
to grind by hand.)

9) From: Bryan & Larina
Ok, you guys have convinced me the Solis Maestro is the best one for me.  I hadn't intended to spend so much but I give your recommendations a lot of weight.
I called the manufacturer and found a store local to me which sells it.  I am driving down there today to make my purchase.
I really appreciate everyone's help!
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10) From: Ken Mary
Do you unscrew the top burr frequently and brush out the threads? I used a
similar model years ago. If I did not clean out the top burr at least
weekly, the coffee dust filled the threads making removal extremely
difficult. Once I had to remove the hopper and put a wrench on the burr to
remove it. I also had to scrape impacted coffee off the receiver wall after
each use, and brush off grounds from everywhere. The air stream from the
high speed burr blew grounds everywhere and cleanup was a chore. Hardened
coffee also filled the burrs and had to be brushed out weekly. On a monthly
basis, both burrs had to be removed and cleaned with soapy water to remove
the coffee cement that built up in the burrs.
I looked at the MrCoffee grinder store display and have to admit that it
looks better made than any other in its price range. The Krups (KMM 30?)
display looked *really* cheaply made and the receiver was broken where it
locks into the grinder body.
I cannot believe you returned the Antigua. My Antigua grinds evenly with
very little dust. And there is no cleanup, no grounds where they do not
belong. Just grind and dump, no need to brush out anything. The burrs are
non clogging and need no periodic cleaning. I bought one for my sister and
she loves it. I bought a spare for myself when they were reduced to $34.90.
The Maestro has the same burr set as the Antigua, so the grind should be
similar if not identical. If you are dissatisfied with the Antigua's grind,
you will also be dissatisfied with the Maestro.
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11) From: Steven Tock
It's not that I didn't like the Antigua. When I compared the grind
produced by the Antigua to that of the Mr. Coffee there was not a 
lot of difference. If I kept the Antigua I would not be able to get
a Maestro (wife would not have approved of that). So I made the de-
cision to return the Antigua and wait to get the Maestro. If the grind
produced by the Antigua is similiar to that of the Maestro, maybe I 
shouldn't have returned it. It's just that so many people have praised the Maestro, so I thought it must be better. Anyone compared the Antigua to the Maestro?
I clean the burrs of the Mr. Coffee unit at least once a week. I do not roast my coffee very dark, so have not had a difficult time with clean up. Static has not been a problem either. I also have a La Pavoni PA burr and it has static problems. 
On Fri, 01 Feb 2002 15:27:24  
 Ken Mary wrote:
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