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Topic: A big THANK YOU! (13 msgs / 246 lines)
1) From: Jim Friedlander
I'm sitting here this morning sipping my CIBE and it occurred to me that
I really need to thank some people.  A year ago, I could not have
possibly enjoyed such a treat, but, thanks to Sweet Maria's and the
knowledgeable folks here, I've found coffee paradise.  As a long time
wino, I thought that the experience of tasting and reviewing wine
couldn't be beat, but I've found that homeroasting definitely trumps the
wine experience; not only do you get to sample wonderful flavors, but
you also get to experiment quite a bit to produce varying flavors from
the same green beans.  Something this much fun just has to be illegal!
So, thanks to Tom and Maria for having a catchy name to your business
that caught my eye as I started to explore the world of coffee.  And
thanks for running a first class operation that does business the way I
like it done.  Thanks also for running this mailing list.  
And thanks to all of you for sharing your knowledge; you have saved me
countless hours and frustrations.
Now, back to my CIBE, and we now return to our regularly scheduled
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2) From: John - wandering Texas
A lot of us could stand in that same line to say thanks! I would definitely
be one of them.

3) From: Mike Gallant
Suck-up!  ;)
(Who is equally grateful, just a bit less "vocal")
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4) From: Ed Needham
C'mon down to New Albany and you can practice pulling shots on my La Pavoni
commercial one group.http://www.anywhy.com/setup.htmlDrop me a line if interested.
Ed Needham

5) From: Thomas Jonker
I believe that should be "SLURP UP" as in Crema delight!!
but....as a fellow lurker and customer I too can say thanks...sure have
appreciated Tom's site, information, service, and product.
tom..in Indiana still learning!
anyone near Indianapolis wanna teach me about using Silvia??
Mike Gallant wrote:
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6) From: Stuart Moss
I totally agree. "I'm having more fun than a human being should be allowed
to have" (some will know where I got that from). I even enjoy reading posts
from that man that seems to be lost in Texas somewhere...
I too, less than a year ago, ran out of my "freshly ground coffee" I had
been receiving for more than a year directly from the coffee planation in
Ahuachapán, El Salvador. At the time I thought that "it doesn't get better
than this" and compared to what I was using, it was better. So you can
imagine my disappointment when my supplier (actually two) in El Salvador
stopped shipping to the public. I was devistated, horrified to have to go
back to that store bought stuff.
Doing a quick search for coffee (coffee el salvador ?) on Google turned up
Tom's site and I thought "Roasting?!?". After reading Tom's site I decided
that this was the answer to my woes and like you said, with a chance
encounter to Tom's site and the nice folks at this forum has brought me many
hours of great coffee. The highlight of my day is often when I'm sipping
this fine coffee.
I consider it more than a hobby - more like just part of my cooking chores.
It produces the best coffee I've tasted (thanks to SM's and everyone here),
it' fun, easy, interesting to experiement with the different variables
involved in roasting in search of that "sweet spot" if so inclined and after
an inital investment of a couple items, it's less expensive than anything
else out there (IMO).
The above is why my loyality is with Tom, even if it's more expensive. As I
mentioned in an earlier post, I want SM's to remain in business.
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7) From: Angelo
I'm interested in seeing the pic, but for some reason, I getting a 404 
error (page not found) when I try to access it.. Any suggestions?
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8) From: Jim Friedlander
  Try this link instead: http://www.anywhy.com/setup.htmJust for the "l" of it,

9) From: Thomas Jonker
Thanks for the offer!!  When it warms up a bit that may be a great
destination to head the bike towards!  It would be great to look at and
taste ...put tongue and eyes to what is typed and read about here.  I've
enjoyed reading your responses over the past months and would enjoy a
short visit.
Ed Needham wrote:
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10) From: Angelo
That trick worked. But now, I'm certainly on the road to "l"..
Isn't Envy one of the Deadly 7? If not, I know that Lust definitely is...  :-)
It's a beauty...
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11) From: Mike Surdyk
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12) From: Ed Needham
Thanks...I moved up from a Gaggia Espresso when this deal came knocking.
One of those..."Honey...I kinda spent some money today...and Oh, by the
way, I'll need about four feet of our kitchen counter" sort of things
that Arabela was talking about .
Ed Needham

13) From: Arabela
In a message dated 2/6/02 9:02:28 AM Eastern Standard Time, ed 
lol. yep! ;o)

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