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1) From: e-Dad; Rick Abbott
Those of us in "digest" mode take a little longer to reply!
[X] Traditional Drip (Monday-Friday)
[ ] Vacumm (tried it but kept getting beans in the hose)
[X] French Press (Saturday)
[X] Pressurized Water, i.e. Espresso (Sunday and some nights)
[ ] Perculator
[X] Open Boil - great while camping
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2) From: Benjamin L. Alpers
1. Vacuum - Yama (used c. 95% of the time)
2. Drip - Swissgold single-cup coffee maker (4% of the time)
3. Drip - Really lousy Krups machine (1% of the time...usually my wife who
		cares a bit less than I do about these things).
4. Turkish - Once or twice a year I'll try to perfect my Turkish technique,
		but try as I might, I make a lousy ibrik of Turkish coffee,
		so I usually rely on a neighbor who has spent lots of time in
		Greece for my Turkish, er...Greek, coffee experiences.
I long for an espresso machine...eventually I'll take the plunge and 
buy a Silvia (though then I need to upgrade the grinder, and get a 
proper scale, and...well, you all know the bottomless pit of coffee 
-- Ben Alpers
    Norman, OK
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3) From: Acorn54
use the krups ultra kitchen aid compact reccommended by kevin sinnott and it 
w orks great 
use the krups gusto for espresso in combo with a zassmill
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4) From: Acorn54
1-auto drip 95% 
2-espresso 5%
i use the kitchen aid ultra 4 cup compact auto drip. makes a good cup of 
coffee. highly rated by kevin sinnott in his coffee book.
for espresso i use the krups gusto. in combo with a zass. mill makes a good 
cup-guy from long island
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5) From: Mike McGinness
From: "Dale A. Taylor" 
Hi Dale,
I'm not John wandering Southern Texas but the SM5k is the Solis Master 5000
super-auto. It's forte' is Cafe' Crema, so-so for shots. Ibrik be those
Turkish style brewers. Haven't gotten an Ibrik yet myself. Your list of
brewing methods doesn't mention French Press! I've learned to re-enjoy it
after using it again for our week in Hawaii. It makes a nice full bodied
cup. (If you get one, I highly suggest getting the Swiss Gold add-on plunger
filter Tom carries.)
Variable Variac Rockin' Rosto Roasting
Miss Silvia brewin' - Americano most brewed cup in our house, eVac first pot
of weekday mornings for Debi's convenience, French Press now and then and
for cuppings and travel, 6tasse Amore Mokha Pot new and decided too much
hassle to take with for vacation but looks cool on the shelf. Sipping and
comparing Americanos of Koa Kona & Kona Mountain Kona (Debi & I are trading
cups back and forth:-)
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6) From: John Abbott
Opps! Didn't mean to jargon you Dale.  The SM5K is the Solis Master 5000
Super automatic coffee machine.  You can see it in the center ofhttp://www.sweetmarias.com/prod.solis-espresso.shtml The Ibrik is a middle
eastern coffee maker that produces a distinct cup - My Ibrik is a Turkish
model - but Tom & Maria have some EXCELLENT Egyptian and Indian pots and

7) From: John Abbott
Dale, the Solis turns out a superior shot in the hands of a skilled
operator!  Mike - go stand in the corner.

8) From: Dale A. Taylor
Thank you all for the answers on best brewing methods. You proved what I was
thinking to be correct. It all depends on each individual and what taste you
are looking for. I also pull shots with a Gaggia and use a cone drip filter
and a regular drip Bunn system depending on what I feel like using at the
time. John Abbott what is the SM5K and the Ibrik you speak of? I am not
familiar with them. Thanks again and happy brewing. dale
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9) From: Mike McGinness
From: "John Abbott" 
If you're going to be that way fine, okay I'm going. Think I'll take a
"double-shot" with me. BTW, a certain UPS vehicle just turned around heading
back to Vancouver...:-)
Variable Variac Rockin' Rosto Roasting
Miss Silvia brewin'
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10) From: John Abbott
Let me see - I used to know how to grovel (first year of seminary they
taught this) ... Yeah,  Gee Mike, I can't believe a person so generous with
his coffee experiences and his open hospitality could take umbrage at a
lowly Solis operator. It was an obvious weakness in my personality - - that
should do it.  Is the truck still headed south?

11) From: Mike McGinness
From: "John Abbott" 
Well, I guess groveling will do. I was hoping for some kind of La Pavoni
defense though:-)
Allowing the UPS truck to keep on truckin'
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12) From: John Abbott
Il signore, un italiano allineare non userebbe mai una difesa di Pavoni
della La.  Un italiano allineare vi ricorderebbe della sua famiglia e
chiederebbe quando il camion potrebbe essere previsto.
John - la sporgenza

13) From: Gary Zimmerman
John Abbott wrote:
Okay, since I don't speak Italian, this is what the fish says:
"The getlteman, an Italian to align would not never use one defended of 
Peacocks of. An Italian to align would remember you of its family and would 
ask when the truck could be previewed."
I'm so confused.
-- garyZ
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14) From: John Abbott
Translation follows:
A true Italian would never use the La Pavoni defense. A true Italian would
remind you of the family, and then demand to know when the truck arrives.
John - the Boss
So you can see, I was making Mike an offer he couldn't refuse.
John - loving life in the slow lane.

15) From: Mike McGinness
From: "John Abbott" 
John, John, John. Miss Silvia's Rancilio Family wishes me to remind you that
while they hold the La Pavoni Family in the highest regards this all started
with your defending a SWISS espresso wannbe. The Rancilio's have the
greatest Respect for the Swiss banking system. (translated to mean 'Use
For') The Rancilo Family does not equate the Swiss with espresso...:-)
Variable Variac Rockin' Rosto Roasting
Miss Silvia brewin'
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16) From: Les & Becky
No Mike! Big Brown was hijacked as it entered the regional distribution
center here in Roseburg!

17) From: Peter R. Barnes
OK.  While my Rosto is down, I've been experimenting with some of my new 
brewing equipment.  I'm curious to see how my conclusions match or don't 
match conclusions others have made...
All grinds are with my Zass knee grinder.  This is especially relevant 
with the French Press, where I've been able to use a finer grind.
-French Press with nylon screen - pretty good coffee, still some sludge
-French Press with Swiss Gold filter - not as much sludge in the cup, 
very good coffee
-Chemex brewer - consistently good coffee, lots of flavor
-Bodum vacuum pot - can make good coffee, depends on my attentiveness 
during the brewing
-Moka Pot - consistently burns the coffee, but i don't think i've worked 
out a good coffee/water ratio for this
-KitchenAid 8 cup thermal drip and Swiss Gold filter- decent coffee, 
consistently weak coffee (good water temp. though)
The Chemex has become my favorite brewing method, and I make my coffee 
in the morning with it.  I think this is the easiest method to produce 
consistently good coffee.
The French press with the Swiss Gold filter is my second favorite.  I'm 
able to be pretty consistent with this as well.  The flavors of the 
coffee are a bit brighter than with the Chemex.
With the exception of the drip machine and the Moka pot, I'm able to 
produce good coffee in all of these machines.  However, I'm only able to 
brew *consistently* good coffee in the Chemex.  The vacuum pot 
especially seems to be iffy - sometimes it is really good, sometimes it 
is mediocre.
My sense with the vacuum pot and the french press is that the timing is 
incredibly delicate - just a little off and the whole thing is "ruined" 
(I know, I know, still better than Maxwell House).
Am I missing anything?  I'm especially curious about what I could do to 
make more consistent coffee in the vacuum brewer.
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18) From: Ben Treichel
My experience is that a timer works good with both a French Press and 
 Vac Pot. IMHO, your Vac Pot will give you the best coffee of all the 
methods available to you.
I know you didn't ask, but the grind for a vac pot is about one turn 
courser than for espresso (which is where all the burrs touch). 
Basically get it as fine as you can, without stalling. As for other Vac 
tips, depends on the model of vac pot.
Peter R. Barnes wrote:
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19) From: sho2go
I find that considerably coarser than espresso works best for my vac pot; in
fact about the same as a drip grind.  It could be because I'm using an old
Saeco grinder for non-espresso use, although it has new burrs it may be
giving me too many fines.  At any rate a fine ground ends up with an
over-extracted flavor for me.

20) From: Ben Treichel
Yes, however I have a Zass I use and 1 turn is actually quite a bit. I 
can go from can't tamp hard enough, to stall with no tamp in a quater turn.
sho2go wrote:

21) From: sho2go
This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
Ah, then that explains it.  Thanks for the clarification.

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