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Topic: The Year of the Huehue? (5 msgs / 91 lines)
1) From: Paul Jolly
Reading John-in-Texas' message, I went back and
looked at the best coffees I've had in the last
three months.  There have been many, many good
ones, but the Huehuetenangos have been uniformly
superb.  Extraordinarily rich, with more body
than I'd expect out of a Central and all the
clear high notes that we associate with those
beans.  Couple that with the fact that the
Huehues I've had have all been organic, and
treble that with the fact that two of them have
been fair trade, and I say this is a stellar year
to be drinking that coffee.
Oh yeah...the Harar Horse blows me away, too. 
Perhaps even more fragrant when ground than the
Not to start another massive response post, but
I'd love to know what one bean has been the best
you roasters have had in the last two months.
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2) From: Pischke
Harar Horse.
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3) From: Dave Huddle
Another vote for Harrar Horse!
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4) From: Steven Tock
My wife and I have enjoyed Sulawesi Toraja for years, it is both 
of our favorites. You can roast it so many ways, from light to 
dark, and it is still full of body and intense flavor. It stands
on it's own merits, or as part of a blend (the blend of 50% Sulawesi
and 50% Yemeni that Tom suggests is awesome). Just about every order
of mine from Sweet Marias will contain this coffee. 
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5) From: MYR

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