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Topic: Oh my God Miss Silvia! (5 msgs / 136 lines)
1) From: Mike McGinness
UPS finally delivered Miss Silvia. After 6 or so "dial in" shots, using the
double filter, adjusting grind and tamp I thought I was getting close. Tried
a shot of JBM Mavis Banks (new crop), the shot stalled! Looked and noticed
grounds up in the head group. Shot some water through into a cup. (now doing
that between each shot to be safe.)
Next shot I decided not to use JBM, tried Uganda Bugisu (my second to the
last roast of S.M.'s '01 , one 1/3# batch left...) Poured down beautifully
into my stainless steel espresso cup with gold tone double loop handle.
About 15 seconds. Maybe a short pull but - took a sip of the crema. Oh my
God! Just may be the best espresso I've ever tasted! I'm sure it's not a
"God" shot as talked about on CoffeeGeeks website, but Da$%*(*&^*& it was
good. The velvety crema simply marvelous. Not a hint of bitterness. Drank
the whole thing this time. All the other shots I just tasted... couldn't put
this one down.
Tried a second "for real" shot using Wood's Captain Cook Estate Kona.
Another good shot though not quite as much crema as the previous. Drank this
one too. This could get bad!!! It's way too good...
Oh, I did get the bathroom scale out as suggested somewhere and used it to
guage my tamps to about 30#... pressed with a twist at the end as releasing
I think the Maestro will work out just fine... at least for now. I ground
directly into the portafilter, tapping the grinder lightly at the end to
dislodge the final grounds from the chute. Left the lid off or it bounces
off during the tapping... That's a good thing too. The counter doesn't have
room for another grinder!
All in all way happy with Miss Silvia. Drip tray very good design easy to
empty and all stainless steel. Nice professional size portafilter.The Solis
SL90 probably would be easier to use with it's pressurized shot filters,
especially at first, but where's the challenge in that!
Home Roasting in Vancouver, WA USA
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2) From: cationic
At 2/20/2002 05:09 PM, Mike wrote:
Congratulations! I have a Silvia and I have been enjoying the best espresso 
for over three years now.
My shots tended to be short (15-20 seconds), same as you mention. Then I 
bought a commercial double shot filter (I believe it is a Marzocco (sp?). 
With it, my shots average 25 to 35 seconds (keeping all other factors the 
same: grind fineness, tamping pressure, twist, amount of coffee in filter). 
I believe the difference is that the Marzocco filter has smaller holes, 
which reduces flow speed and increases pressure.
Now you are ready to try all of Tom's wonderful beans, blends, and 
suggestions for blends for espresso!
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3) From: Mike McGinness
From: "cationic" 
I'd read about the La Marzocco filter basket in use with the Silvia in my
researches prior to ordering Miss Silvia. I think I'll order one and give it
a try. (stocked at 1st-line, as well as about any part possible for the
Silvia...) I've only tried one shot using the included single shot basket
anyway! Puck stuck on the head screen... Besides, what's the point of such
an itty bitty shot...
I currently have around 35 different greens and am finding what may have
been a super top choice for Vac or F.P. may not be so good espresso. My top
Kona for Vac (City) was just ok as espresso, a bit too bright. Probably
would have been better roasted slightly darker, maybe not.
Just finished my first shot this morning - Puerto Rican Yauco Selecto AA
'02. My first roast of PRYS new crop, roasted 38hrs ago LFC. A wonderful
espresso shot! My wife, Debi, agrees. It'll be awhile before I go for
espresso blending, gotta try all SO first. (It's going to be a wired
weekend!) My wife loves Monsooned Malabar, wonder how she'll like it as an
espresso? More will be revealed!
Home Roasting in Vancouver, WA USA
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4) From: John - wandering Texas
EARTHQUAKE!!!   No, no - that's just Mike and Debi  vibrating!!

5) From: JKG
From: Mike McGinness 
My top
Kona seems to be one of those coffees that is best as something
other than espresso.  I like it in the vac pot too but don't have it
very often because it is expensive.  I reserve it for special
occassions.  The kids and my wife keep muttering something
about dad taking coffee money out of the kids' college fund.  :-)
I highly recommend Tom's Monkey blend.  Available nowhere else
that I know, and it is really, really yummy for espresso.
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