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Topic: Vac brewing advice (6 msgs / 108 lines)
1) From: Marc Joseph
I recently bought a Yama brewer and haven't been happy with the results
I've been getting as compared to a french press or even my Braun drip
machine. The coffee is simply flat and weak tasting. I generally make
only one 12 oz. cup for myself. Starting with 12 oz. of water, I've gone
up to three coffee spoons of grounds and tried brewing from 30 sec. to
90 sec.  per the tip sheet from SM. I've tried several varieties of
coffee which are home roasted and taste fine with the other brewing
Based on the reviews and opinions I've read on this list, I'm sure that
something must be lacking in my technique. Any advice from experienced
vacuum brewers would be appreciated.
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2) From: Steve
It's really hard to brew just one cup. Even Tom has mentioned his success
rate was pretty small. There have been a few posts on this subject before
with people not having much success.
Have you had success bewing a full pot?

3) From: John Blumel
On Tue, 26 Feb 2002 14:38:40 -0500, Marc Joseph wrote:
If by "12 0z. of water" you mean that you are filling the bowl to the
"3" line, that is actually 16 oz of water. I use 5 tablespoons of beans
ground at a setting of 6 on a Solis 166 (the grounds just clump
together a bit depending on the degree of roast) with 16oz of water and
brew for 40-45 sec. once the water has finished rising into the funnel.
I would not call the result weak (or flat) but I'm not sure how strong
you are used to making your coffee.
John Blumel
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4) From: Steve Shank
I recommend the swiss gold for single cups. I think the amount of water in=
 the bottom of the Yama would weaken a half pot (twice as much as a full=
 pot). You might try grinding finer. The Yama can take a much finer grind=
 the an fp.
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On 02/26/2002 at 2:38 PM Marc Joseph wrote:
Steve Shank
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5) From: Jeffrey Menzel & Kathleen Wagner
I don't Yama but Sunbeam. Still, a short brew necessitates a fine grind.
This is inline with Tom's method for press coffee; 2 minutes and a fine
grind. When I moved to almost espresso grind and up top time of about 2
minutes 30 seconds I thought I had a real breakthrough.
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6) From:
I wanted to thank everyone that took the time to answer my query. Through a
combination of the answers I received, experimentation, and a bit of wasted
coffee I am reaching perfection in my brewing. What I have found is that by
filling my 12 oz. mug with cold water and dumping into the Yama, boiling it,
using 2 1/2 scoops of coffee and increasing the brewing to 2 minutes I am
getting an excellent cup of coffee. The key change was increasing the brewing time. 
The other day I got the best cup of my life, Puerto Rican Yauco Selecto, lots of
crema and a smooth flavorful cup. I haven't been able to reproduce the results
yet. This morning I brewed up some Ethophian Harrar (from SM of course) that was
really excellent, too.
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