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Well, I just received my Nesco home roaster and my green beans. This is my
first time roasting beans.
I have tried a few batches of roasting from total time including 5 min cool
down that ranges anywhere from 22 (17) to 29 (24). And then I take them out
immediately an put them in a colander, shake until cool.
I did notice that with the last batch at 29 min, which I saw little burn
spots on some of the beans.
Where is that fine line between dark roast and scorch?  
I smell the air that is coming out of the roaster and it doesn't smell
burnt, but when my husband walks in, he says that he smells something
burning.  It doesn't taste like it is burnt and we can still taste of
flavors of the beans, whether it is chocolate, mango or hazelnut overtones.
Can someone help me with this?
Thanks, Laura
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3) From: Mike Sieweke
Laura wrote:
Have you read Sweet Maria's tip sheet for the Nesco?  It may answer
some of your questions.http://www.sweetmarias.com/Tip-Sheets_PDF_files/
When you say "little burn spots", are they round, shallow craters?  If
so, they are called divots and the beans aren't burnt.  Divots generally
appear during second crack, or somewhere in the "full city +" roast
range.  A tiny part of the bean breaks off, leaving a rough patch that
looks darker than the smooth surface of the bean.  This is normal.
The smoke that comes out while roasting generally smells worse than the
beans will taste.  It's normal for it to smell slightly burnt,  
at darker roast levels.  The Nesco roaster has a catalytic converter to
help reduce the smoke level, and the c.c. may be contributing to the  
aroma.  I don't have experience with the Nesco, so I can't say for sure.
When I roast, it usually smells good to me.  But if I leave the house
for half an hour, I notice a slight burnt aroma when I come back.  It
may have something to do with the nose becoming acclimated to the smell
when you're immersed in it - kind of like doctors and nurses who don't
notice that the hospital smells of alcohol.
If you're enjoying the coffee and tasting the subtle character of the
beans, then you're on the path.  Scorched beans smell (and taste) of
burnt rubber, so you'll know if you reach that point.
Welcome to the world of home roasting!
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I've never used a Nesco home roaster. From your description, it sounds like
it suffers from the same over-temperature problems as the air poppers that
are used for coffee roasting. They work after a fashion, but the simple
excess temperature compensation is to operate them on a long extension cord.
The extension cord drops some voltage, the fan speed drops proportionally
and the heat power drops exponentially, or faster. Leaving the cord coiled
up will introduce an exciting new feature to "home roasting."
Most air roasters don't like to have their fans slowed or the air volume
reduced at all. Cheap poppers have low voltage DC motors operating with
full-wave bridge rectifiers supplied by a ballast resistor and/ or a tap on
the heater coil. Leave the heater alone and speed the motor by connecting an
electrolytic capacitor across the motor terminals.
Balance the capacitor size, the ballast resistor size and the roast batch
size for the motor speed/ blower volume/ temperature you want for roasting.
Everything is interdependent, so decide which of the beans you like, if you
got a sampler, and get Five pounds of it as a pleasant training coffee. Then
you can learn to roast.
It can be a real vexation, but cooling is a big part of coffee roasting.
Forget about chaff removal- it can wait until the beans are cool. With the
beans cooled, there is time to play around with chaff removal before you
"can" the beans for a short- or long- aging nap as the flavors mature. A
matter of hours to days.
All roast levels have their attractive features, if you can actually stop
the roast at any point where the beans are on the verge of Cracking. Even
"over the top," smoking and snapping, some gorgeous flavors exist if you
stop it right there.
"Dark" will always be a four-letter word if Crisis Management describes your
roast control.
Cheers, Mabuhay, Iechyd da -RayO, aka Opa!
Got Grinder?
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5) From: Allon Stern
On Dec 31, 2009, at 2:40 PM, A list to discuss home coffee roasting. There are rules for this list, available athttp://www.sweetmarias.com/maillistinfo.htmlwrote:
Nope. The Nesco can do an amazing light roast in 15-16 minutes or so. It uses a low airflow hot air for heat, and a metal auger in a glass chamber for agitation and also heat buffering. 
That you've never used a Nesco is apparent from your comments (no offense).
29 is a LONG time in the Nesco.
I don't recommend a Nesco for dark roasts. I do 142g of coffee and roast for only 21-22 minutes or so. I use my Nesco for light roasts only - if I want darker, I use my iRoast or heat gun, but of the three, the Nesco does the best light roast. Oh, and the 21-22 is the time on the clock, not the cooling. I usually open it up, use a hot pad to remove the chaff filter, dump the beans in a colander and agitate over a fan (outside) which also accomplishes chaff removal.
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