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Topic: My getting started list: any additional suggestions? (6 msgs / 155 lines)
1) From: Scott and Michele Young
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I am just getting started, but I have a few extra $ to spend so I was
considering the following items to get going:
1)    Solis Maestro Burr Coffee Grinder
2)    Hearthware Precison with 8 Pack Sampler  (from Sweet Marias)
I have a Bodum French Press already, and I am planning on using that.
Can anyone provide any additional suggestions or comments regarding my list?
For example, should I get a thermometer or something that I am not aware of?
Also, which book should I get?

2) From: Lissa
On Fri, 2002-03-01 at 05:50, Scott and Michele Young wrote:
The Maestro is probably overkill for a French press.  But, if you take
up espresso, it'll come in handy.
Not familiar with the HWP.  I have the FR and the HWG.
Might want to pick up a few valve bags for sharing your coffee with
friends.  I've found that a half pound of my homeroast arriving in the
mail is really appreciated.  Some Urnex for cleaning the French press
now and then might also come in handy.  I also like the burlap bags for
storing coffee (I get the 5 lb. size, since I can fit less in them, and
it isn't worth buying less than 2 lbs.).
I have most of them, and the websites, this list and the alt.coffee
archives offer much better info.  However, once you've got the basics
down, the most important thing to remember is to do what tastes good to
you, not what tastes good to some stranger.
Be well,
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3) From: Steve
Hi Scott,
Although nice for trouble shooting, you won't need a thermometer right away.
The grinder is an excellent choice, I think a lot of us wish we had gotten
one in the beginning instead of some of other things we bought to make the
taste better. You won't need a book, you will find plenty of information on
the Sweet Maria's web site (although it can be hard to find things
sometimes) and just ask this list, you will get plenty of ideas and help
Now, the real question is should you spend the $121 for the Hearthware or
$72.50 for the Fresh Roast (apparently it went up $3). After watching this
list for over a year and owning a Fresh Roast I suggest the Fresh Roast,
easier to use, less noise, and more reliable.
And what beans do you normally like? I would get at least 2#s each of
different ones or 5#s of your favorite because you will be experimenting AND
you will be placing an order for more right away.

4) From: Don Staricka
I think this is a good basic set of tools. I disagree with a previous post 
that the Maestro is overkill for French Press. I do use a thermometer and 
the one that I got from Tom many years ago still works fine. When the tip 
of the thermometer is buried in the beans but not quite touching the base 
of the roasting chamber it registers temperatures very close to what I 
would expect for the various roasting stages. I find this information to be 
helpful even though I rely mostly on the sound of the cracks. I also 
recommend getting a cheap digital stopwatch timer so that you can tell how 
far into first or second crack the roast progresses. And a small notebook 
to keep notes regarding how you roasted a particular variety of bean. The 
notes will help you zero in on the roast that you prefer for an unfamiliar 
bean and replicate the results in subsequent roasts.
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5) From: Mike McGinness
You may not need a book but I found Kenneth Davids book "Home Coffee
Roasting: Romance and Revival" both informative and enjoyable reading. When
I started roasting a year ago many from this list suggested it. (though it
is out dated as far as home roasters go...) I still highly suggest it.
Ditto on your good choice of the Solis Maestro grinder. Don't skimp like I
did, the Maestro is my 3rd grinder in a year! Cheaper grinders tend to
produce more powder, not a good thing, especially for French Press (unless
you really enjoy lots of sediment...!)
Home Roasting in Vancouver, WA USA

6) From: Arabela
In a message dated 3/1/02 6:11:10 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
qibhom writes:
I would have to respectfully disagree with that, as I use a french press and 
found it much improved when I switched from a Braun burr grinder to the 
Maestro, not to mention it's just such an awesome grinder. Less static, less 

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