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Topic: First cuppa da day, why so good? (5 msgs / 103 lines)
1) From: 02bndr
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Why is the very first cup of the morning sooo good, where as the very =
second mug is so, so?

2) From: John Roche
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on 3/4/02 7:57 AM, 02bndr at fly4fun wrote:
Why is the very first cup of the morning sooo good, where as the very second
mug is so, so?
not at my house.

3) From: Mike McGinness
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Not enough info' on the second cup. Is it from the same brew batch as =
the first "held" in some manner? Doesn't matter the manner. If so that's =
the problem. I have a Bonjour glass lined thermal carafe' which will =
keep beverages "hot" for something like 6 to 8 hours. Hot does not equal =
fresh. I used to use it for coffee but noticed a distinct flavor decline =
in under an hour... The Bonjour did a better job than my previous =
carafe' but you can't compare it to fresh ground freshly brewed. If the =
2nd cup is from the same the same brew and sitting on a brewing burner =
to stay warm that's even worse for flavor decline...
However, if the second cup is also freshly brewed then it's all in the =
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4) From: Steven Tock
I agree with Mike, you cannot let coffee sit even in a thermal
carafe for more than 20-30 minutes before it will start to taste
stale. My wife and I are the only coffee drinkers in house. We make
two large mugs of coffee (22-28 ounces)in the morning. If either of us
want a second cup sometime later that day we make it fresh, usually with a one cup Swissgold or the french press.
On Mon, 4 Mar 2002 07:28:49   
 Mike McGinness wrote:
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5) From: Ed Needham
Three reasons...pick one or all:
1)  You've not had coffee or caffeine for quite a few hours, and your body is
craving both the flavor and the caffeine first thing in the morning.
2)  The sensitivity threshold of your taste buds changed because the first
cup of coffee de-sensitized them (stare at a bright light or listen to very
loud music to see what this same effect does to vision or hearing).
3)  The flavor of the coffee has diminished in the 30 or so minutes since it
was freshly brewed, and the very most fragile taste and aroma components have
disappeared, leaving 'pretty good coffee' instead of 'zap-bam-boom, gotta
have another cup of this stuff ! ' brew.
Ed Needham

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