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1) From: Tom & Maria
                  "Great coffee comes from tiny roasters"
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2) From: Fookoo Network
The article reads like OPEC.  How seriously will this affect the specialty 
green coffee bean market for coffees like La Minita or the Yemen's in terms 
of price?  I can't imagine that the price would double.  Some small 
increase will not be all that significant to most users.  However, to the 
StarBucks and Peet's, those increases might be significant to their bottom 
lines.  Though I would expect that these major roasters will have already 
locked in green coffee bean prices for the near term future.  But 
eventually, they would have to pass on the price increases.
                          Carl S Lau 

3) From: Don Staricka
The New York Times article about coffee price increases reminds of the
steep price increases that the world experienced in the early 70's (ancient
history). That inspired me to dig out an old price list from Peet's to see
what we were paying back then. Here are some representative prices for
pounds of roasted coffee in 1973 after the big price increases. After
adjusting for inflation, I wonder if high-quality coffee isn't generally
cheaper now than it was then.
Guatamala - 1.75
Kenya - 1.85
Celebes Kalossie - 2.25
Java Pantjur - 1.95
Mocha-Java - 1.95
Indian Mysore - 1.75
Viennese Blend - 1.75
Costa Rica - 1.85
Major Dickason's Blend - 3.05 (no idea what this is)
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4) From: Rob Richardson
In the "Online Shopper" column today, Michelle Slatella writes about her
experience getting an education about grinders:http://www.nytimes.com/2006/01/19/fashion/thursdaystyles/19online.htmlI immediately shot off an e-mail to her and let her know that she should
forgot to mention Sweet Maria's, and she told me she had been deluged with
e-mails by others who were even quicker on their keyboards than I was. She
atoned for her sins (kind of) on her blog site:
Some of the comments made by readers there prove that there is no accounting
for taste (or a lack thereof).

5) From: Rodney Stanton
Perhaps this is why CoffeeGeek is down :(
--- Rob Richardson

6) From: Gary Townsend
 Rodney Stanton wrote:Perhaps this is why CoffeeGeek is down :(Rodney
If it's any consolation... The Article is #3 on the most emailed list
on the NY Times, as of 20 Jan 2006, 12:01am Central time. That is a
good article on educating the public on one of the most critical
implements in coffee brewing.
Thanks for the link to Michelle's blog! What is amazing to me is that
according to her bio, she lives in N California, and the article was
in the NY Times... The internet has really brought this country much
closer together!
Maybe Maria could sweet talk her into a followup article, in Oakland,
after he returns from Central America, and really get Michelle hooked
on home roasting!
Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because
your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely
what others think you are. John Wooden

7) From: mIke mcKoffee
NNNOOOOOoooo, don't do it! We don't want Sweet Maria's site crashing from a
bazillion hits like CoffeeGeek. Then again, my stash is fine!-)
I agree quite an excellent article for a major paper like the NYT. 
Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
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found exploring the many divergent foot steps of Those who have gone before.

8) From: Terry Stockdale
At 01:19 AM 1/20/2006, you wrote:
Or worse -- instant sell-outs of Tom's great picks.
Great article -- great followup on her blog, too.
Terry Stockdale -- Baton Rouge, LA
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9) From: Wesley Simon
To those non-geeks: This is known is the slashdot effect....
Ifhttp://slashdot.orgposts a link to your site on their site, you can
pretty much consider it toast unless you have BIG capacity!
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10) From: Steve Hay
On 1/20/06, Rodney Stanton  wrote:
Actually, they are having server problems; I saw a post in
alt.cofeementioning it.  There is a thread there about the article as
Steven Hay
hay.steve -AT- gmail.com

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