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Topic: USPS versus UPS (6 msgs / 111 lines)
1) From: jim gundlach
In the wake of the discussion of USPS versus UPS on the list a few weeks 
ago, I placed an order for five pounds of Monkey Blend on Thursday two 
weeks ago and I specified USPS priority mail as my shipping options.  
The order arrived the next Thursday.  One week to deliver.  Last Sunday, 
a non-working day, I placed another order for a total of 14 pounds plus 
a couple of other items and specified UPS ground for delivery.  It 
arrived Wednesday, the third working day after I ordered.  I use UPS 
with a residential address but I happen to live on a major road that UPS 
trucks take from their depot in Montgomery, Alabama to businesses in a 
small town down the road.  Conclusion, for me UPS not only costs less 
but takes about half the time.
     Jim Gundlach
     Roasting over pecan wood fires
     near Shorter, Alabama
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2) From: Coffenut
Another reason that I don't use USPS for personal shipping is their
dinosaur process if the package ends up missing.  Had this happen with
some Christmas gifts that were lost by USPS.  It took months to resolve
and my post office had to send to the receiving post office for proof
that it never arrived.  With USPS, you have no tracking information, no
$100 insurance built-into the cost, etc, etc.  Just no comparison IMO.
Coffenut  :^)
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3) From: Al Raden
I use USPS for my home business.  For about 75% of my orders, I can use 
the USPS provided boxes for priority mail, saving me packaging costs. 
 But, the primary reason is that it's a lot more convenient to drop off 
packages at the post office (of which there are 3 within 5 miles).
- al r.
Coffenut wrote:

4) From: Steve Shank
It is very important how they respond when things go wrong. I agree=
 completely. I had a 
ups package which was misdelivered to the wrong address a couple of blocks=
 away. I checked 
the package and noticed it was delivered at around 2:30pm. It was then=
 2:45. I looked outside
and it wasn't there. I called ups. I got a call back in 10 minutes. The=
 supervisor then called the delivery
guy in the truck and found out the wrong address it was delivered. to. He=
 returned my call around
again around 3:30 and told me where the package was. He asked whether I=
 would prefer to get it 
or wait until around 6pm when the driver was done making rounds and would=
 come back and get 
it and deliver properly.
I can't imagine a lost package  or a customer being treated so well with=
 the USPS.
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Steve Shank
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5) From: Cerberus AOD
Just recently, my great aunt was about to get WebTV. Now, we couldn't have
that if we could help it, so we scrounged out parts for a comp that would be
fine for web stuff, and mailed it...it was mailed in the case box with the
styrofoam things on the side...just like the case itself is always delivered
to us. It gets there, and it is caved in on the side and wouldn't boot...it
likely wouldn't have been a big problem if she wasn't over 1000mi away. For
about a week we tried the run-around with the post office, and the problem
was fixed up in NY (luckily a few cards popped out of the motherboard...we
were afraid they had been shoved through it) a week or so after it got
there, and we still hadn't managed to get the post office to admit that they
had screwed up and should have to do something about it...we insured the
thing for a reason, after all.
We are used to getting packages from UPS and FedEx here, and after that
experience, we will be using one of them to send as well.
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6) From: Brad
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In over 10 years of using UPS I've had ONE problem. And that on an =
overseas shipment. It took only one phone call to get them to issue me a =
check that I received a week later. 

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