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1) From: Ryuji Suzuki -- JF7WEX
I have been home roasting in a gas oven for a while, and I've been
getting pretty good results up to one full pound batch size. One
problem with gas oven is that I don't want to use it during
summertime. While roasting, I have to open the door to look at the
bean color and give them good agitation, during which the chamber's
air temperature can drop quite a bit, and if I fail to pay attention,
smoke and silver skin will fill the room. Besides, if I open the door
too frequently, the coffee tend to come up with less bite and depth.
What I have been searching for is an oven with
- heat-resistant clear glass wall (so that you can see the bean color)
- a thermostat and a timer
- enough air capacity to roast 200g or 1/2 lb at a time
- can go up to temperature high enough to make good dark roast
- an intra-chamber fan to force even circulation of the heated air
- cheap
- reliable
There is such thing, commercially available (a few retailers are found
on the web) comes about US$70, and requires no modification to roast
coffee! (You need to find or make a metal strainer of appropriate
size, about $10)
The roast is not particularly even, but the cup has good characters of
both oven and hot air roasted coffee, and you can use this device to
roast chicken or salmon fillet with fennel seeds or breakfast sausage
while taking a shower!!  Very easy to clean this device too. It needed
about 5min of pre-warming from room temp to about 350F, and then I
threw in 220g of bean, took 8min to get city+ roast. This roaster is
quiet so I can clearly hear first and second cracks (though not as
clearly as with gas oven).  I can lift this thing and swirl a bit to
agitate the bean too. (Unlike popular fluid bed roasters, beans don't
dance around during roasting unless you swirl the whole unit - I put
an oven thermometer and a cheap metal fork in the metal strainer along
with the bean to help good agitation with minimum movement.) Some
chaff end up mixed with the bean, other chaff accumulate on the bottom
of the chamber but the heater is at the top of the unit so there is no
problem with excess smoke. Even if the chaffs end up getting stuck on
the fan blades and gummed up with coffee oil, it'll probably keep
working fine but looks pretty easy to clean up.
Of course this isn't a dedicated coffee roaster so you have to remove
the bean and cool it after the roast is completed.
I have no hesitation to share further details so I'll write more
details very soon.
Ryuji Suzuki
"I can't believe I'm here.
People always say that I'm a long way from normal."
(Bob Dylan, Normal, Illinois, 13 February 1999)
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2) From: Ryuji Suzuki -- JF7WEX
For more info, see my note athttp://rs.cncdsl.com/Beverages/coffee-turbo-oven.htmlmy friend told me he bought one for $30 so it can actually be much
cheaper than I initially said... if you manage to save money, please
share some of what's saved with me by a gift certificate for Sweet
Maria's :-) Ryuji
Ryuji Suzuki
"I can't believe I'm here.
People always say that I'm a long way from normal."
(Bob Dylan, Normal, Illinois, 13 February 1999)
From: Ryuji Suzuki -- JF7WEX 
Subject: +nice cheap homeroaster -- half pound capacity below $100
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 21:06:39 -0500 (EST)
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3) From: Garrik
so what is it?

4) From: Ryuji Suzuki -- JF7WEX
From: "Garrik" 
Subject: Re: +nice cheap homeroaster -- half pound capacity below $100
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 19:20:08 -0500
It's called Super Turbo Oven SO-2000 made by Sunpentown. Google these
words and you'll find a few retailers on the net, but you should also
check local discount stores (not those national franchise) and Chinese
supermarkets. My friend found one for $30 which kinda make me feel bad :-)
I put a lot more details on the web page but for those don't have easy
browser access, the current revision is included below. Ryuji.
BIGHEAD(Turbo coffee roasting)
There are a few home roasting devices on market these days. Small
capacity roasters (70 to 90g per batch) are usually based on fluid bed
(that is, forced hot air flow) and larger ones (200 to 500g per batch)
based on conduction, radiation combined with low flow of fluid. These
two groups of roasters have their own characters in the resulting
coffee even when the original green bean came from the exact same bag
and roasted to nearly identical stage of the roasting scale.
I have roasted my coffee mostly in radiant heat and slow air flow,
using my gas oven, with excellent result. However, I would really hate
to use it during summer time. Yet, 80g batch size of home roasters are
way too small for my roasting need.
What is described in this page is another way to roast coffee at
home, in a batch size of 100 to 220g, using gentle flow of heated air.
This method uses a commercially available household oven called Super
Turbo Oven SO-2000 manufactured by LINKhttp://www.sunpentown.com,Sunpentown) without any electrical
or mechanical modification.
INDEX(Sunpentown Turbo Oven SO-2000)
PICTURELINKhttp://www.sunpentown.com,so-2000.jpg, SO-2000,154, 150)
This oven is actually a huge 12 liter glass bowl with a glass lid,
on which a heater, fan, thermostat and a timer is mounted. The air
inside the chamber is nearly enclosed, but there is some small
openings at the top, allowing some (but not all) smoke to escape.  The
glass chamber has the diameter about 30cm or 12 in at the top, but the
usable inner diameter halfway in is more like 10 in or less.  The
noise from fan is much quieter than an electronic popcorn popper or a
hair dryer. This makes it easy to hear second crack, which is softer
and more faint than first crack. The parts of this oven becomes pretty
hot during operation, so be sure to have oven mitt, tongues, and other
tools handy.
The temperature setting goes up to 250C (500F), and the simple
mechanical timer can be set up to 1 hour. It takes about 10 minutes to
raise temperature from room temperature to 250C, which can be
shortened by preheating the empty chamber for a few minutes before
roasting coffee. This unit drains 1200 Watts.
The box this oven came in says "Roast Anything!" Although its
instruction or recipe booklet doesn't describe how to roast coffee in
it, it does not say "do not roast coffee" like many popcorn poppers
do. In fact, this oven is a perfect device to roast coffee!
The price is about $70 at retail stores. You can find it at large
Chinese supermarkets but there are several retailers found on the web.
You should also get a metal strainer of flat bottom with 22 to 24cm (9
inches) diameter. You can use a stainless steel dish but it requires
careful agitation to avoid uneven roasting.
Between roasting sessions, I have cooked salmon steak in it, and
salmon was excellent. I also cook breakfast sausage and other stuff in
it. It's slower than microwave but it's clean, hands-free cooking and
the food texture is more like cooked in gas oven. Only the thing I
found microwave is superior so far is broccoli because the tip of the
crown tends to dry too much or even carbonize. For $70, this is a
multi-purpose roaster, as the manufacturer claims.
There are a couple similar products in market. Jet-Stream Oven
1500 is probably better known and widely advertised. However,
Jet-Stream 1500 has a fixed thermostat at 375F, which is too low for
roasting coffee, and the price tag is higher.
INDEX(Roasting coffee)
Use low-height metal-wire rack that comes with this unit. The
high-rack is better for other foods, but not for coffee roasting
because the heat is uneven. Place a metal strainer or a deep stainless
steel dish. Set the thermostat halfway between 150C and 200C (300F and
390F) and the timer to 10 min. At about 7 minutes, the heater
indicator goes off, indicating that the temperature has reached to the
set value. Note that the fan keeps going even when the heater is off.
Prepare about 200g of green bean (can be less if you so desire) in
a cup or something, and throw it on the metal strainer, put the lid
back on, and reset the timer to 12 min, all of these as quickly as
possible. If the bean is not laid in a uniform sheet form, gently rock
or swirl the entire unit to make it so.
When the thermostat lamp indicates that the temperature arrived at
175C, wait for a minute or two, and reset the thermostat all the way
up to 250C (500F).
Pay attention to the bean color. It tells you if the roast is
progressing uniformly or not. At the beginning stage of the roast,
make sure most beans are in the same color, as the roast progresses:
green, yellowish green, orange tint, light brown color. If many beans
are noticeably lighter or darker than the rest, give gentle rocking or
swirling agitation a few times to make them uniform. It is important
that you do this before the bean gets brown color.
About 5 to 6 minutes after throwing in the bean, you'll hear first
crack. Give gentle agitation a couple of times. When the first crack
slows down, at about 7 to 8 min, the coffee is city roast. If you
desire full city or darker, wait until second crack begins or longer.
See other roast related pages for more information. You will also see
rapid increase of smoke and aroma before second crack.
Time given here is for guide purpose only, and exact time varies
depending on the bean, batch size, ambient temperature, and individual
unit variation. However, it shouldn't take much longer than 8 min to
get city roast, or much longer than 10 min to get full city roast.
The coffee has excellent quality, in terms of flavor depth,
clarity, and strong body. I speculate this is a result of taking
advantage of moderate pace of radiant heat roasting method and partial
release of roast smoke of hot air roasting method. There is no chaff
or silver skin burning in this roaster, because the chaff falls down
whereas the heater is sitting atop the chamber.
The roasting can easily be made slower by delaying the timing to
crank up the thermostat. This is especially suitable for dry-processed
Brazil or Sumatra Mandheling to be used for French roast blend or
espresso blend. However, I suggest against shortening roasting
by increasing the initial temperature.
When the roast is complete, use oven mitt and tongue to take the
metal strainer, dump it out to a large metal pan or other cooling
tool. The cooled bean should be rested for a day or two at a dry room
temperature atmosphere, before serving for full development of flavor,
body and complexity.
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5) From: Ed Needham
Thanks for the 'heads-up' on this idea for a roaster.  Sounds promising as a
larger batch roaster (as compared to the HWP and HWG).
The home roaster scene has been pretty dull lately, and although it seems
there are a few really hopeful roasters on the horizon, none are yet hitting
the market.  I personally can't wait for the Hottop roaster to become
available in the US.
Ed Needham

6) From: Ryuji Suzuki -- JF7WEX
From: "Ed Needham" 
Subject: Re: +nice cheap homeroaster -- half pound capacity below $100
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 00:32:11 -0500
Exactly, that's how I see it.
I anticipate Hottop will be about double the Alpenroaest price, but I
would rather spend my little money for other things like green coffee
or traveling in Guatemala.
I feel that the heater has enough capacity to roast more if given good
agitation. One idea is to take an el cheapo rotisserie with wimpy
heating element, drill holes somewhere and put this turbo oven unit,
using the wimpy rotating cage as the axis of coffee agitation. But it
would be nice if rotisserie unit's heater can also be used as an
auxiliary heater to speed up the initial temperature rise.
The electric circuit and moving parts of this Turbo Roast are screwed
onto the glass lid, so taking the good assembly off is a piece o cake.
PS. Another idea I saw here was Stir Crazy popcorn popper, but did
anyone try to make risotto in it?
Ryuji Suzuki
"I can't believe I'm here.
People always say that I'm a long way from normal."
(Bob Dylan, Normal, Illinois, 13 February 1999)
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7) From: Cuchulain Libby
From: "Garrik" 
Subject: Re: +nice cheap homeroaster -- half pound capacity below $100
Here is a pic;http://rs.cncdsl.com/Beverages/coffee-turbo-oven.html-Hound
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