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1) From: Terry & Cheryl Rusch
My apologies to any tea snobs out there!  But now you've piqued my
curiosity.  Thanks a lot, like I don't have enough equipment in my kitchen
between the roaster, various pots, flour mills--oh, yeah, here's my
revenge..have you ever tasted bread made with freshly milled flour?  The
packaged "whole wheat" at the store is the equivilent of Vietnamese Robusta.
Now you can wonder--or stop in, I'm baking Paska (Easter Bread) this
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2) From: Ryuji Suzuki -- JF7WEX
From: "Terry & Cheryl Rusch" 
Subject: +Re: homeroast surprises
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2002 06:51:59 -0600
I would love to... but I have a question. How you manage to expand
bread made out of fresh whole wheat? Are you using regular baker's
yeast only?
I think unaged and unbleached flour is difficult to expand (weaker
gluten) and my trials to added raw wheat germ to regular flour have
not been too successful so far. I've made adjustment like increased
yeast, sugar, salt, ascorbic acid, milk solid, and decreased fat, but
none of these worked well. Any suggestion?
Ryuji Suzuki
"I can't believe I'm here.
People always say that I'm a long way from normal."
(Bob Dylan, Normal, Illinois, 13 February 1999)
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3) From: Rev Mark Gilstrap
At 06:51 AM 3/30/02 -0600, you wrote:
         er, maybe Kulich?  Pascha is a fresh-cheese based molded
         sweet that you spread on Kulich or Greek Easter Cookies
         etc... and not until May 5 for those whose culture created
         these gastronomic wonders  Orthodox Pascha  aka "Easter"
         is celebrated 5 weeks later than western Easter this year.
         Not just Jerusalem and Russia and Greece, but someplace
         close to the coffee crowd -- Ethiopia, also follows the old
         reckoning (pre-Gregorian calendar determination) for Easter.
         priest Mark
         St James Russian Orthodox Church
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4) From: Rev Mark Gilstrap
At 08:02 AM 3/30/02 -0500, you wrote:
         You didn't mention lecithin.
         Seehttp://groups.yahoo.com/group/Mixer-Owners         There is a familiar parallel between the discussions there
         and here.
         Store bought natural/unbleached/organic (King Arthur, etc)
         flour may be equivalent to Millstone/Starbucks, even Peet's
         quality, but it is not good enough for discerning gourmands
         like home roasters.  And of course, many people have never
         had flour better than the equivalent of Folgers.  (I'm being a bit
         - only a little - sarcastic).
         Wheat berries ("Vietnamese Robusta") repackaged by grocers
         or in bulk at a Wild Oats store do not compare to the "Montana
         Gold",  "Deaf Smith" and other ("Arabica") wheat varietals 
         **Fresh** milled flour (gotta have a good mill!) and adequate
         mixer quality (no bread toys!) are basics.  There are opinions
         plenty regarding whether Bosch or Electrolux is the better
         choice in a machine.  The LM of bread machines may be the
         Electrolux Assitent (from Sweden, using their spelling).  The
         Bosch line may be equivalent to the Rancilio line.  Bread machines
         are  the steam toys of dough production.  Kitchen Aid is maybe
         the Krups Gusto of mixers - it works and can work quite well,
         but is going to have to be replaced soon if you are very serious
         or try to use it for anything challenging.  Thankfully the top-of-
         the-line machinery is no more than the cost of a good espresso
         machine / grinder combo.  Yeast is important, but more in the
         category of  which roaster you would use to get the same result.
         Another forum to look at is the Bread discussion on the Country
         Life forums (sponsored by Lehman's Hardware).
                http://www.countrylife.net/bread/         This may be the parallel to this Sweet Marias sponsored list.
         The former is more of the alt.coffee equivalent where you get more
         individual dealers posting their experienced  ideas, but also along
         with their promotions - and some "interesting" off the wall stuff
         (like using magnetic components in the mill to prevent premature
         spoilage - New Age goofy).  I won't point out the parallels to this :-)
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5) From: Timothy A Reed
On Sat, 30 Mar 2002 11:26:05 -0600 Rev Mark Gilstrap
I've had my Gusto for a year and a half of heavy usage, and it's holding
up quite well; I can also make espresso that's at least on par with that
made by my friend's Rancilio Lucy.
Define "challenging" and "soon".
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