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1) From: Doug Ilg
Okay folks, I'm new to this home roasting stuff (well, I've recently gotten 
back into it).  I have a few questions that maybe y'all can help with.  I 
suppose I'm really looking for help in fine tuning the use of my roaster.
I use a Caffe Rosto (which I bought from Sweet Maria's).  I got a sample 
pack when I bought the roaster.  It had Indian Plantation, Burundi AA, 
Kenya AA, Tanzanian Peaberry, Ethiopian Harar Horse, Costa Rica Tarrazu, 
Sumatra Mandheling, and one other (can't remember).  My favorite has been 
the Burundi AA.  I have been using a 12 minute roast.  The Harar Horse was 
a close second, but is no longer available (I've tried the Harar longberry, 
but I don't like it nearly as much).
Here are my naive, open-ended questions:  Does anybody have any advice for 
me on using the Caffe Rosto, on Burundi AA, or on other really great 
coffees to try?
Thanks for any tips!
Doug Ilg
AA-5B N74818
Tipton Airport (FME)
Fort Meade, MD
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2) From: Mike McGinness
Hi Doug,
Way too opened ended questions! At least a couple of us have been using the
Caffe' Rosto for over a year so if you have any specific questions please
feel free to ask. I would say DON'T try to "set it and forget it!" I go by
sight, smell and sound.  Time is only an estimate starting point based on
previous roasts of the same bean... Temperature, humidity, voltage
fluctuations are only a few factors which will vary the roast of the same
bean. Only a few computerized professional roasters are designed for that
type of unattended roasting. I've watched a few professional roasters, they
"baby-sit" the roaster too. Also check out the list Archives.
Spend some time reading Tom's reviews... It'll give you some idea of what to
Home Roasting in Vancouver, WA USA

3) From: Doug Ilg
At 04:52 PM 4/12/2002 -0700, you wrote:
Thanks for responding.  I was beginning to feel unwelcome. :-)  New folks 
on email lists invariably ask stupid questions.  I just thought I'd jump 
right in and get it over with.
Thanks for the tip about the archives, too.  I hadn't noticed that in the 
subscription message.
Doug Ilg
AA-5B N74818
Tipton Airport (FME)
Fort Meade, MD
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4) From: Mike McGinness
From: "Doug Ilg" 
Not at all, the only "stupid questions" are the ones not asked...
If you have trouble finding the archives from the SM homepage, don't be
afraid to ask. It CAN be a challenge!
Home Roasting in Vancouver, WA USA
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5) From: martha abshire simmons
As a relative newbie myself (roasting with an HWP), I have done a lot of
reading and nowhere but on this list did I learn how important are two
factors:  the grind and the resting period.  The coffees "unfold"
beautifully in a matter of hours to maybe 2/3 days.  Each unfolds in its
own way, and different roasts for the same bean will reveal different
flavor profiles on different timetables.  Thus is the neverending
mystery, I'm told.  It certainly holds true so far and is one of the
many attractive features of all this.
The Costa Rican Tarrazu La Minita is a favorite at this household, as is
the Sumatra Lake Tawar Triple Pick.  IMHO, the CR takes a good 48 hours
to reveal its ripeness, after stopping the roast just as it reaches
second crack.  The Sumatra is an absolutely beautiful bean, and is full
flavored within 24 hours, at about the same roast. And if you want a
decaf, don't miss the Ethiopian Ghimbi.  Again, all these are simply
opinions, and there are many many more experienced roasters who will
guide you through this delicious new adventure. . .Welcome!

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