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1) From: Rick Farris
I'm really liking the Nicaraguans as single origin espresso.  So far I've tried the Angelina Estate and the Segovia.  
Any suggestions for other beans I'd like?
Rick Farris
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2) From: Les
Looking for something different?  I roasted up some Nicaragua
Limoncillo Estate - Var. Java  and had some this morning.  I have been
drinking a lot of African, Brazil, and Panama of late.  This was way
different.  I am not sure about Tom's write-up.  I found it to be a
bold coffee with body.  He gave it a more delicate review.  I roasted
it more for brewing, I will pull some shots with it tomorrow.  I hate
to share a hidden jewel, as I would like more, but the stash is full
of hidden jewels at the moment.  So if you are looking for something
for a change give this one a try.

3) From: Bernard Gerrard
I am going to Nicaragua next week  and will be a couple of days in the 
Matagalpa area.  Does anyone have suggestions about picking up some 
"souvenir" green beans?  Bernard C. Gerrard

4) From: Jeremy DeFranco
Try to get ahold of a crop of Pacamara varietal (=Pacas + Margogype varietal
Hybrid, that is prized more than each of the individual varietals alone).
Have fun!
---I am going to Nicaragua next week  and will be a couple of days in the
Matagalpa area.  Does anyone have suggestions about picking up some
"souvenir" green beans?  Bernard C. Gerrard

5) From: Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
A emphatic recommendation: stay at Selva Negra. It has little 
cabanas, and is a working coffee farm ... and a whole lot more. They 
have incredible worker programs, incredible environmental programs 
(that was the first place I ever heard of recovering bio-gas), and 
the hosts are great, Mousy and Otto Kuhl. He is a historian for 
matagalpa, and i believe one of the original german families that 
settled there. Unfortunately, the coffee is a little bit low-grown, 
and in recent years I haven't loved the cup. It's sad when the cup 
quality and the HUMAN quality don't match, because if they did this 
would be the best coffee from Nicaragua. The accommodations there are 
rustic, it's not the Radisson, but one of the best 2 places to stay. 
and you can stroll out your door in the am, and up to the coffee...
                   "Great coffee comes from tiny roasters"
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6) From: Robert Joslin
     My wife was on a medical mission trip to Guatemala in May of 2005 and
worked in Quezaltenango province (western part of Guatemala) in several
small towns northwest of Lake Atitlan.  I asked her to bring me some greens,
not expecting much.  Although she doesn't recall the business where
she bought the 9 lbs of greens, they turned out to be as good as any beans I
have ever roasted.  I recall  the name of one bean batch....San Jose
Volcan which was particularly wonderful roasted a few snaps into 2nd.  The
point here is that it is possible to get lucky and get some good stuff even
if you don't have local connections.  Hope you have a wonderful trip and
good luck in your bean search. Josh
On 3/5/07, Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee 

7) From: Robert Joslin
And now that I have reread your post I appreciate that NICARAGUA is not
GUATAMALA.  My apologies.
On 3/5/07, Robert Joslin  wrote:

8) From: Bernard Gerrard
Selva Negra is where we are staying.  Thanks to all for the tips, we are 
looking forward to this trip.  As travelers that would find a large ball 
of string on the roadside interesting, we will doubtless have ample 
opportunity to investigate coffee and anything else that comes by.  B. 

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