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Topic: More help needed! (7 msgs / 222 lines)
1) From: Paul Schwerdt
Thanks for all the help everyone.
However... I took the Poppery II apart and removed the
small metallic piece underneath the upper "arm" on the
thermostat.  And now the popper doesn't get very hot
at all.  It get's kinda hot but the green beans just
swirl around without roasting at all.  
I also have a Werever Popcorn Pumper.  I have tried it
for roasting too.  It also will roast the beans to a
medium roast and then never get past that point.  I
left some beans in there for 30+ mins with only a
medium brown roast as the result.  
And help on the Poppery II, or how I could make the
Pumper work would be greatly appreciated!
- Paul -
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2) From: Mark
I don't recall if you mentioned how much you're roasting or not, but it does
make a difference. With too little coffee, it just will not get hot enough.
I usually use 85 grams in my PII (around 1/2 cup by volume, I believe), and
that works well. I've never modified any of the poppers I've used. For quite
a while there seemed to be an unlimited supply for about $3 a piece at a
thrift store near where I lived (unfortunately, that supply did eventually
dry up), so if one didn't work well, I bought another. I think I only had
one that didn't roast satisfactorily. Anyway, bean volume would be the first
thing I'd play with before any further modification. If it doesn't need to
be stirred manually in the beginning, you're probably not using enough.

3) From: JB Christy
To folks who use a popcorn popper:  Are the poppers as sensitive to line voltage
as the roasters are?  Have you tried a few different outlets, making sure
nothing else on the same circuit is on?
My Hearthware Precision, which is reputed to be the least sensitive to line
voltage, wouldn't go past City when I tried it in my second bathroom.  Turns out
the act of turning it on lowered the voltage to 110, and apparently it just
didn't get hot enough.  I ended up buying a Variac voltage regulator, and am
happily roasting on that circuit now.
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4) From: floyd burton
My HWP's have both been very sensitive to either noise like dimmer's or
anything else on the circuit. I think this may be one of the causes for them
to have fairly short lives.  Mine really grunts when I forget and use
another appliance on the same circuit.  Does not seem to make any difference
to either my WB PI's or II's however.  Good product too bad they had to go

5) From: Ken Mary
You may have bent the upper arm in the process and now it is not making 
contact. With needlenose pliers, try putting a bend in the middle of the
upper arm so the end with the contact is forced downward. You should verify
contact with a meter before you put everything back together. If bending the
arm does not work, then attach a jumper wire to bypass the thermostat.
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6) From: JKG

7) From: Chris Peters
Here are some instructions I received from Chris Beck to modify the 1400W
Popcorn Pumper (there's also a 1250W model):
"Basically, you pull out the roasting guts from the white top half.  Look on
top of the roast chamber and you'll see a black cylindrical thermostat.  It
will have two wires running into it.  Unplug those two wires, cut the
terminals off, strip each back about 3/8", and twist together with a proper
sized (fairly small) wire nut.  Reassemble popper.  Done.
Also, plug the hole in the butter dish area with a small wad of alu. foil.
It blows hot air into the butter dish while it's running.  Don't need that
to roast coffee, so plug it up.  Just be careful not to stick the foil too
far in there or you'll hit the heating element (bad)."
I didn't need to make the modification to my Pumper.  I've been successfully
roasting for about 2 months now.  According to Chris, if your Pumper has a
0.80 amp motor you may need to add at least 3/4 cup of greens.  My Pumper
has a 0.68 amp motor and I've been successful with about 2/3 cup of greens.
You might want to check the archive.  There was some additional discussion
on the Pumper in late March of this year.
Hope this helps!
Chris Peters

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