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1) From: Carl Thomas
For those interested and with access, there is an article in the new June
2002 Scientific American on coffee.  Entitled "The Complexity of Coffee" by
Ernesto Illy, a chemist and chairman of Illycaffe in Trieste, Italy, he
covers lightly the lifecycle of coffee from bean to tongue from the chemical
and, to some extent, physiological viewpoints.  Interesting reading.
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2) From: John - In Deep Southern Texas
Thanks for the heads up.  My issue has yet to arrive.  But I'll sure look
for the article.

3) From: Timothy A Reed
On Sun, 19 May 2002 22:16:24 -0400 "Carl Thomas" 
Coffee" by
You wouldn't happen to have it in, say, pdf format, would you?
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4) From: John - In Deep Southern Texas
    If you really want it in PDF you can download it here in PDF
John - headed for the shower

5) From: Lissa
On Sun, 2002-05-19 at 23:06, Timothy A Reed wrote:
Most public libraries get Scientific American.  You should be able to
xerox the article there.
Be well,
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to question and challenge the people who are enforcing it.
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6) From: john
Thought this might be of interest...http://www.slweekly.com/editorial/2003/feat_2003-12-04.cfmjohn
Wake Up and Smell the Coffeehttp://www.drzeus.net/coffee

7) From: Dan Bollinger
Very nice article, John.  Inspirational. Thanks for posting it. I'm sending it
on to some activist friends of mine. Dan

8) From: John Abbott
http://snipurl.com/ev9w  Interesting Coffee article forwarded to me by
Tonya Connel.   Its especially amusing to see the coffee's used for

9) From: Brent - SC/TO Roasting
LOL!  Thanks for the article.  I didn't know Paul Newman put his name
on coffee beans.  Guess it goes with the whole pasta sauce/Italian
theme, tho.  ;)
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10) From: David B. Westebbe
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11) From: Brent - SC/TO Roasting
It is a very even-handed article and has good info.  I especially
liked this sentence:  "Over the 21 years their group has been tracked,
retirees who drank at least one cup of coffee a day were 10 percent
less likely to die."  Ever?  Do you have to be a retiree?  Are
retirement and coffee the keys to eternal life?
Promising, indeed!  Just my love of wordplay.
Nice mention of SweetMaria's too in "The Great Java Challenge"  and
the well-lamented Uganca AA Bugisu.  My first coffee love . . . .
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12) From: silascoelho
Coffee, cooffee, coooffee, cooooffffeeeee, cccccccccoooooooofffffeeeeeee
"Baristas battle in specialty coffees"
Baristas battle in specialty coffees
By Sandra Fischione Donovan
Ah, the rich aroma, the exotic taste of a well-brewed cup of coffee. 
Redolent of beans harvested from misty mountain slopes, coffee wakes us up 
in the morning, entices us into the nearest cafe and fuels our bursts of 
creativity during the workday.
Coffee aficionados can get their fix of caffeine and watch the best cafe 
baristas in the East this weekend at two simultaneous coffee competitions in 
"For the Love of Coffee," presented by the Specialty Coffee Association of 
America. The competitors will ply their skills Friday through Sunday at the 
Pittsburgh Marriott North, Cranberry, in either the Northeast or 
Mid-Atlantic Regional Barista Competitions. Local baristas participate in 
the Mid-Atlantic competition. Attendees also can browse an accompanying 
trade show.
"We've never hosted the event before; it's usually held in New York, 
Philadelphia or Washington, D.C.," says Ed Wethli, 46, of Kiva Han Coffee 
Co., a Cranberry coffee purveyor and one of the event sponsors. "It's big 
for Pittsburgh to get this. We had to be approved."
About 60 baristas will compete in the Northeast or Mid-Atlantic 
competitions. The finals for both regions will be Sunday. Winners from each 
region will be awarded all-expenses-paid trips to compete in the national 
competition later this year in Portland, Ore.
"Most competitions host only the Mid-Atlantic or Northeast regions," Wethli 
says. "We're hosting both, which is big. The event really heightens what 
specialty coffee is."
In 15 minutes, each barista will brew 12 specialty beverages -- four 
espressos, four cappuccinos and four signature drinks -- using music, 
choreography and patter.
"It is very entertaining," Wethli says. "It's very theatrical."
It may be fun for the audience, but competitors will perform before four 
"sensory judges" who will watch the barista and taste the coffees; two 
technical judges who will evaluate how the competitor used the machines and 
the size of the drinks; and a head judge, who will preside over all.
In addition to making the coffees with precision and flair, baristas will 
tell the audience where the coffee beans came from, whether from a small 
village in Mexico or the slopes of a mountain in Sumatra.
"One of the things that's really good about this event is showing people how 
much goes into their coffee," says Luke Shaffer, 32, co-owner with his wife, 
Alexis, of 21st Street Coffee in the Strip District. "There's a ton of 
labor, effort and care in producing coffee, getting it out of the country 
(of origin) and then having someone who cares enough to present it well. ... 
It will highlight coffee as a drink on its own."
Shaffer helped train some of the local baristas on two recent weekends at 
Kiva Han Coffee in Cranberry.
"The main thing I tried to emphasize was how to properly pour a good shot of 
espresso," says Shaffer, who will also compete. The drinks prepared during 
the competition "all contain a shot of espresso," he says.
Dana Waelde, 26, of Bloomfield, a barista at Crazy Mocha in Oakland who will 
compete, says she realized from the training that she was focusing on some 
things that weren't as important in the competition, such as doing latte 
art, those creative designs in the latte foam. "It's not necessary to do 
it," she says.
"I'm working on my signature beverage," says Waelde, who already has created 
a signature coffee roast blend used in all the Crazy Mocha franchises.
Wethli believes Pittsburgh was approved as the competition site because 
"Pittsburgh is very up-and-coming. There is a real presence in Pittsburgh 
for the specialty coffee industry. ... Pittsburghers consume a lot of 
While entry to the competition and accompanying trade show, For the Love of 
Coffee, is free, attendees can spend $10 to eat desserts prepared each day 
by nine local restaurants and food purveyors. They are the Springfield 
Grill, Bar Louie, North Country Brewing Co., McGinnis Sisters, The Fig Tree, 
Sweethouse Bake Shop, Fresh Cup Cafe, Mimi's Bake Shop and the Marriott. The 
Crazy Mocha chain will set up a coffee bar and sell specialty drinks for $3. 
Proceeds from the coffee and dessert buffet will go to the Greater 
Pittsburgh Food Bank.
Coffee brewing tips
If you like coffee but just can't seem to duplicate the mellow flavor of 
your favorite cafe or restaurant, take some tips from Ed Wethli of Kiva Han 
Coffee Co. for brewing great coffee:
. Buy coffee that has been fresh-roasted within the past two weeks, and buy 
only enough for two weeks. "There's oil in the beans," Wethli says. That oil 
dries up in a couple of weeks, and you want to release that oil when you 
. When you get the beans home, roll up the bag, put it in an airtight 
container and place in a cool, dry place. The freezer is best.
. Grind the beans fresh each time you brew a pot to release the oil.
. Use a brewer hot enough to extract the oils. Wethli recommends the 
Cuisinart grind and brewer or a French press pot. He also recommends a 
cone-shaped filter, rather than a flat filter.
. Use filtered water, as minerals in unfiltered water can affect the taste 
of coffee.
Whet your winter palate
Looking for a different cup of coffee to warm your winter mornings or 
accompany your evening dessert? Ed Wethli, owner of Kiva Han coffee 
purveyors, suggests two specialty drinks to whet your winter palate.
Cafe de Olla
Cafe de Olla
. 8 cups water
. 2 cinnamon sticks
. 3 whole cloves
4. ounces brown sugar
1 square semi-sweet chocolate
. 4 ounces ground coffee
In a small saucepan, bring the water to a boil, then add the cinnamon, 
cloves, sugar and chocolate. When the mixture comes back to a boil, skim off 
the foam.
Reduce the heat to a simmer, then add the coffee. Steep for 5 minutes, then 
strain out the coffee grounds and spices. Serve immediately.
Cafe Con Miel
. 2 cups hot coffee
. 1/2 cup milk
. 4 tablespoons honey
. 1/8 teaspoon cinnamon
Heat all ingredients until warm, but not boiling. Stir well to dissolve the 
honey, and serve.
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13) From: Joseph Robertson
I'm not sure how long you have been associated with this list
but.......I quote from your post,
 "When you get the beans home, roll up the bag, put it in an airtight
container and place in a cool, dry place. The freezer is best."
It has been awhile since the people in the know or let me put it this
way, it's been awhile since I saw any post here say put the roasted
coffee in freezer because it's the best way to keep it fresh.
Just my .02,
On Wed, Feb 4, 2009 at 5:19 PM, silascoelho  wrote:
Ambassador for Specialty Coffee and palate reform.
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14) From: silascoelho
agree, I dont even remember if anytime I put my roast  on freezer, just the 
idea of that scares me. In fact after roast, ussualy I drink it over the 
next week or so, maximum. But my really pleasure cames in 24-48 after roast

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