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1) From: Paul Jolly
You're a lucky man, Mike.  Personally, I've got
11 pounds sitting in something called the "North
Bay Hub" (can't be too far off, as I live in the
north Bay) but not due to arrive for four more
days!  If only I could call them and drive over
to pick it up...
Here's an interesting link I found at UPS:
average delivery times from Sweet Marias.  Note
that these are just FYI and come with no
guarantee:http://www.ups.com/using/services/servicemaps/servicemaps.htmlthen type in 43201 for the zip code.
(with eyes on the moving target)
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2) From: Charlie Herlihy
I have my SM coffee sent to a PO box just accross the border from me in remote, end of the road Danville, Washington where UPS can take forever to find. USPS priority mail has it there 3 days after Tom sends it. Probably costs a little more than UPS but it's great service
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3) From: Spencer W. Thomas
On the other hand, I'm within the "1 day" shipping area from UPS.  It's 
wonderful to pay ground shipping prices and get overnight service!
=Spencer in Ann Arbor, MI
Charlie Herlihy wrote:
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4) From: John - In Deep Southern Texas
And of course the chart is optimized (and lies)  My orders always arrive one
week from the day they are picked up.  My order picked up on May 23 is
scheduled to be delivered May 30th.  On about half my orders we get delivery
the day after it is scheduled.  But they have scheduled my order for 5
business days delivery.  I know that is going to be the case and just don't
let it get to me any more.  My thought process now is that I'm getting the
best beans and it is not my drivers fault.   Its not like I'm out of toilet
paper and waiting :^)
John - noticing that the term is transit  - its the sit part we don't like

5) From: Spencer W. Thomas
A couple of notes:
1. According to the fine print, delivery is "guarantee[d for] ... 
commercial address[es]".  If you're getting it at home, all bets are 
off.   That's why I get mine shipped to work, but you presumably don't 
have that option.
2. 5 "business days" IS 7 "calendar days".
John - In Deep Southern Texas wrote:
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6) From: John - In Deep Southern Texas
    Reread what I said.  I was making reference to the UPS web site chart
for average delivery.  The chart is pretty clear that I should be getting my
delivery in FOUR days.  Now if that spans a week-end the it should never be
more than six days.  Mine was SCHEDULED  for SEVEN.   There was no mention
of guarantees. I was throwing rocks at their chart.  However, living this
close (1500 yards) to Mexico, even Business delivery is a day longer than
normal.  If I had it delivered to a business address, unless they called I
wouldn't improve. I get all of my deliveries between 6 and 6:30 pm.

7) From: David Jewett
I reliably get overnight shipping from SM's with UPS Ground service. One 
time, I ordered in the morning, and the box was on my porch when I left for 
work at 0630 the next morning.
David Jewett/MI
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8) From:
Well, I placed an order an hour & a half ago and it's not here yet! What's
up with that?

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