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Topic: New FreshRoast Plus - Cannot Hit 2nd Crack (7 msgs / 157 lines)
1) From: Matthew A. Hodges
Hello All,
Any help you might be able to provide would be appreciated.  
My Hearthware Gourmet just died and my Fresh Roast Plus arrived
today.  I am out of fresh coffee, so I fired up the new roaster.
However, I do not seem to be able to ever reach second crack.  I
am roasting inside, next to a window (the temperature outside is
around 65 degrees, and inside it must be at least 70).  This is
the same spot I roasted all winter (I'm in Cambridge, MA) with
my Hearthware, often reaching second crack in approximately 6
minutes.  With the next Fresh Roast Plus, I have now run 4
batches, each up to 12 minutes, without any success of hitting
second crack.  I thought that the Fresh Roast Plus was supposed
to be a very fast roast?  I followed the Fresh Roast
instructions (and Tom's enclosed instructions) concerning amount
to roast (two of the enclosed scoop, and I cut back the amount
in the scoops, so that each was less than full.
Any ideas?  Your help is very much appreciated!  I desperately
need some more fresh roast and I have company arriving from
Europe that I am supposed to impress with my espresso!   :)
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2) From: Jim Schulman
Hi Matt,
The FR+ instructions for bean load don't work for many people, and you may 
be one. Add a few more beans! Since you're stalling between the first and 
second, you don't need too much more, maybe 5 grams (a table spoon). 
BTW, most people are roasting with 75 to 90  grams -- a half cup + or - one 
tablespoon; whereas the two heaped scoops gives about 65 grams.
Hope that fixes it,
On 29 May 2002 at 16:24, Matthew A. Hodges wrote:
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3) From: Catherine Marley, M.D.
"Matthew A. Hodges" wrote:
I have a freshroast + and I can incinerate coffee in it.  I set the dial as far
as it can go, then after first crack, set it back again.  Second crack usually
takes 2 or three minutes after first, depending on the coffee. As soon as I hear
the first few pops of second crack, I stop the roast by turning the dial to
"cool". Some dry preparation, very small beans like the Yemenis, have a very
evanescent second crack.  How noticeable the second crack depends on the
coffee.  Try a central American, with big wet processed beans.
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4) From: fmmcneill
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I run the FR+ on a measured 120 volts, then I run it for five minutes 
empty before the first batch. I run each batch immediately after the 
previous. I never use the 2 minutes cool as I want the roaster very hot.
I roast for 5 minutes or until about 30 seconds into second crack, then 
I dump the roasted beans into a large cool cast iron skillet, shake it a =
dump into a screen colander, shake that awhile, then put into a jar for =
The next batch was put into the roaster (and started) about 5 seconds =
removing the previous. I roast about 6 batches in series this way.
I clean out the chaff once after all.
I hear second crack most of the roast cycles.

5) From: Matthew A. Hodges
Thanks to everyone for the advice.  I also left a message for
Tim at Fresh Roast's technical help number, and he returned my
call despite being out of the office.
Tim's suggestion solved the problem.  I thought that I was
perhaps attempting to use too many beans, but Tim explained that
I probably needed more than I was using (this is for the Fresh
Roast Plus).  He suggested 2 1/2 to 3 scoops.  The reason being
that more beans would slow down the flow of air through the
roast chamber and create more heat.  I tried his advice (using 3
scoops) and reached second crack with no problem.  
Thanks again and happy roasting,
--- "Matthew A. Hodges"  wrote:
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6) From: Gary P
At 04:24 PM 5/29/2002 -0700, you wrote:
First guess, this might be the problem.  You might need more beans, they're 
not capturing enough of the heat.  I also had this problem on my first two 
roasts. (My FR+ didn't even come with the scoop!  Since I've got plenty of 
scoops around, I didn't complain though, as I'd heard it wasn't that great 
for measuring anyway.)
I use weight now to measure.  I use around 75g of beans (+-5g or so, junk 
scale!), which for most beans does come to around the 'fill here' arrow on 
the metal band.  I typically can _just_ see under the band across to the 
other side.  I'm getting around 4:15 to completed first crack for recent 
batches, and stop between there and 6:30 or so, depending on what I'm going 
for. (those are approximate, I time them, but I don't record them.)
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7) From: R.N.Kyle
Hey Matt, I have a FR+ and have no trouble reaching 2nd. crack  at 4 to 5
min. I drilled a 1/4 " hole in the top of the shaff collector and insert a
taylor thermonitor to measure temps. my FR+ reaches in excess of 450 I would
think you need to check the roasting chamber temp. I allways weight my roast
at 3 onces.

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