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Topic: French Press RIP. Need suggestions... (5 msgs / 138 lines)
1) From: Terry & Cheryl Rusch
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Hi everyone,
Sigh, I knocked my 20 year old french press off the counter the other =
day and smashed it to smithereens--even the base.  Of course, it was =
holding the last bit of homeroasted coffee in the house, and of course =
it was Limmu, one of my favorites. (HIP base #3 on it's way...hope this =
one works).  The old one was an 8 tasse, but I'm considering a larger =
size this time....the 12 tasse, or perhaps even the 60 oz size I've seen =
around here and there.  Anybody used one of these whopper size ones?    =
Of course, the brewed coffee would be decanted into a thermos =
immediately.  I'm usually brewing coffee for two, but we like a couple =
of big mugs each on the weekends, which is really the only time we use =
the press.  I've seen some brands I've never heard of out there--I do =
want something sturdy enough to last until the next time I knock it off =
the counter.  Any suggestions or warnings?

2) From: Angelo
A company called Bon Jour makes french presses made of polycarbonate, which 
is fairly unbreakable. I haven't used the FP that much, and one of the 
reasons is that I feel uncomfortable washing it because of the (perceived) 
fragility. With the plastic FP, I do not have that feeling... Small thing, 
I know, but life seems to be a series of small things   :-)
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3) From: David Marley
I have a Bon Jour 8 cup.  It's glass and I bang it against the side of my
sink often and it has lasted me 3 years so far.  It was a present from my
wife and I have had great luck with using the replacement parts from Tom
that is meant for the Bodum press.  Bon Jour is slightly less expensive but
since the French Press is such a simple system, I don't see there being a
big loss in quality from one brand to the next.
David Marley

4) From: Tom & Maria
A couple thoughts: I really like French Press as a brew method and it is a
great compliment to home roasting since it allows you to fully infuse a
roast that would be too fresh (and not fully infuse) by a electric drip
method. I personally think 12 cups are too big unless you are serving
coffee for 4 people. You cant let press coffee sit too long -or you have to
decant it (as you mention). I say, brew what you are going to drink right
away, I will pour just 1 cup from a french press after my initial cup,
maybe after it has sat 5-8 min or so after the first cup. After that, I
start to taste overextraction. Also, stick with a glass carafe. I thought
of carrying a Bodum with a polycarbon beaker --they wont sell us the
beakers separately :-( -- just for those who are chronic glass-breakers.
But I am of the strong and totally unsubstantiated opinion that glass
tastes better, and I dont trust plastics to be 100% nonreactive with hot
volitile liquids. (consider too that once a plastic surface is scratched or
etched from cleaning, etc it is never going to be as cleanable as glass....)
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5) From: Jack Berry
I prefer to pour the first cup from my press and the rest goes immediately
into a preheated thermos of carafe. That way I can have a nice cup an hour
or two later.
I see Nissan Thermos sells an isolated press but that's pretty counter

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