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Topic: Time Warp? (6 msgs / 95 lines)
1) From: JB Christy
Did any/everyone else just receive ~10 messages that were originally sent 6-8
days ago?  Messages included:
  RE: +Solis Maestro question
    from Bob Trancho [btrancho]
    sent Tue 6/4/02 8:16 PM
  Re: +20amp Variac
    from Jim Schulman [jim_schulman]
    sent Tue 6/4/02 10:00 PM
  RE: +French Press RIP. Need suggestions...
    from Bob Trancho [btrancho]
    sent Wed 6/5/02 1:57 PM
  Re: +filter rod for Cory vacuum brewer
    from Garrik [garrik]
    sent Thu 6/6/02 9:48 PM
The headers show that the multi-day delay was in the last hop, between the
list's server (braxton.siteprotect.com []) and my ISP's server
(rwcrgwc53.attbi.com).  Is the problem with braxton's delivery, or my ISP
server's receipt?
a T d H v A a N n K c S e.
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2) From: Mike McGinness
No, that those particular messages. I did just receive a message I sent last
night. 15 hours later. The bizarre thing is I sent two within 5 minutes. One
came about 8 hours ago...
Home Roasting in Vancouver, WA USA

3) From: TFisher511
I got about 70 messages today. My mail server has extremely constipated this 
past couple of days. Prolly should have poured come coffee in the keyboard to 
assist with that problem.
Sorry, just beyond manners some times,
Terry F

4) From: James Gundlach
On Wednesday, June 12, 2002, at 11:56 PM, JB Christy wrote:
To the best of my memory, I got them on time.
    Jim Gundlach
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5) From: Bob Trancho
Yes, I even got a confirmation that my 6/4 posting was received.  Looks
like something hiccuped and some posts were sent out twice
Bob Trancho
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6) From: Penelope
Sometime around 21:56 6/12/02, JB Christy typed:
I received another set of  around 8 messages from that long ago (two of my 
own that I was wondering about).  The ones you mentioned were all received 
--  --
John Nanci 
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