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Topic: Alp problem? (5 msgs / 65 lines)
1) From: Paul Goelz
OK, once was maybe a fluke.  But it just did it a second time.  The damper
on my Alp fails to open when the cooldown cycle begins.  The heat goes off
when the cooldown begins but the damper stays closed.  If I open the cover
and remove the drum with a stick, I can then push the damper open and it
doesn't feel stuck....
There is the possibility that there is enough buildup of goo from many
roasts to make the damper stick, but I'm not sure I buy that explanation.  
Anyone else have this problem?
Paul; Goelz
Rochester Hills, MI
Videoastronomy and music (UnFest) web site:http://www.eaglequest.com/~pgoelz

2) From: Michael Vanecek
Try wiping the flappers and surrounding surfaces down with a damp and
mildly soapy rag to remove the goo and see if that helps. If not, maybe
your actuator has given out...
Paul Goelz wrote:

3) From: Texinga
I haven't had the doors stick yet, but have only done 10 roasts so far.  I do 
a light cleaning (mostly chaff) on my Alp after every roast.  After the 10th 
roast, because I was noticing a buildup of oils around the flap-doors, I took 
time to remove the buildup.  Knowing that all the smoke has to pass directly 
through those doors, I expect they must be cleaned on some basis.  
In conversation with the guy who invented the product, he has stressed to me 
the importance of cleaning in three locations.  Especially around those 
doors, the chaff collection tray and the smoke exhaust port.  There must be 
some level of a sticking problem if he makes a point of talking about 
cleaning around the doors.  The level of roast may also accelerate the need 
for cleaning.  I've noticed when I do darker roasts (taking the beans 
into/past 2nd crack) I get a lot more of the oily residues inside the Alp 
overall.  If you clean up the doors area and the problem persists, it's more 
likely that you have a failure.  The good thing I've noticed about SwissMar 
is that they aren't hesitant about replacing product defects.

4) From: Simpson
"wiping the flappers". God I love this hobby!
'Captain! Th' Flapper actuator has given oot! Ach, me wee beans...'
Gack, coffee out my nose hahahaha
At 09:29 PM 06/15/00, you wrote:

5) From: mgeis
From: Michael Vanecek 
Better yet, use a citrus-based cleanser.  Tom gave me this tip.
Mike Geis

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