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Topic: UPS g-forces (12 msgs / 139 lines)
1) From: Bob Norton
This is a quote from a UPS official to me when I was trying to get a
settlement on a broken Farberware Robot vacpot:
"You sent GLASS by UPS? You shouldn't have done that. Glass doesn't do well
in our system."
G-meter tests have shown that most UPS shipments suffer at least one fall
equivalent to a 10 foot drop onto concrete.
On 6/15/2000Texinga wrote:
I believe UPS is particularly 

2) From: Mandy Willison
- well then the turkish grinder would come out unscathed, those things are
built to survive any situation

3) From: Michael Vanecek
I guess that's where they toss the boxes from the plane onto the runway?
I still think they make an extra buck off these boxes by leasing them to
crash-test organizations before we get them... :)
Bob Norton wrote:

4) From: Tom & Maria
Nobody beats USPS ...nobody!
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5) From: Eric Bear Albrecht
At 8:57 PM -0500 6/19/00, Tom & Maria wrote:
Remember Railway Express?  They were the all-time winners.
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6) From: Texinga
That's been my experience too.  I have stopped using UPS for any fragile 
shipments and always use USPS for those items.  I really like the convenience 
of UPS and I expect you do too, and it's a shame that they are so rough on 
packages.  I buy a fair amount of goods over the Internet.  If I used the 
rule that most Internet companies use (don't accept the package if there's 
any sign of damage), I'd be rejecting at least half of the stuff I get via 
UPS.  The only saving grace has been good internal packing on the shipper's 
end.  Who'd have imagined that one day "peanuts" would be protecting 
"coffee"?   :^)
In a message dated 6/19/2000 8:55:35 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
tom writes:
<< Nobody beats USPS ...nobody!

In a message dated 6/19/00 4:36:21 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
beanwild writes:
equivalent to a 10 foot drop onto concrete. >>
Well I believe the commercial meat slicer I received was dropped from at 
least a hundred feet, it took $450 to fix and four months of UPS BS to get 
paid. On top of that the first thing UPS did was issue a full audit of the 
company who sent it to me, which the auditor rejected every package going 
out, upon appeal it was dropped down to one reject package. My slicer was 
mounted on plywood and surrounded by four inches of foam and when the driver 
delivered he warned me that I better look this one over carefully because the 
package looked like it had been dropped from a  hundred feet, or worse rolled 
down a San Francisco street. 

8) From: Hugh Solaas
Test, test, test

9) From: Michael Cox
On Tue, Jun 20, 2000 Hugh Solaas wrote:
Yep, it works. but the IRC/stages.worm got out, infected all the Windoze weinies :) and clogged the servers.
Michael Cox
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10) From: Hugh Solaas
Test, test, again.  More worms, Michael, or is everybody sleeping?

11) From: Mandy Willison
Why arent you Hugh- one too many coffees/roasts at night!
Hey Tom, that new imformation thingo is yet another idea. I like the baskets
to order stuff, it seems just about commputer illiterate- proof . I will
have it down pat soon.

12) From: Michael Cox
On Wed, Jun 21, 2000 Hugh Solaas wrote:
Dunno.  My mail seems okay, and the servers at work were much better by this afternoon.  Still, some corporations' servers were hit pretty hard, and may not be up to snuff yet.
Michael Cox
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