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1) From: Zara Haimo
I've been mostly drinking Kenyan and Ethiopian coffees lately with a little
Costa Rican "Miel" for variety.  I'll be ordering some more beans soon and
like to try at least a couple new ones each time I order.  I usually use a
French press or hand poured drip coffee - no espresso machine, yet - and
have been roasting just into 2nd crack or Full City.  Any suggestions for
interesting new beans you think I should try?
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2) From:
On Tue, 02 Jul 2002 10:10:15 -0700
 Zara Haimo  wrote:
If you like the Africans, you might like some of the
 Indonesians, too.  Try the Papua New Guinea Tom has, or
 the Timor.  Those are my primary every day beans.
I'm also fond of the Yemenis, and have started roasting
 Brazils for my Brazilian friends.  I don't like the
 Central and South Americans, usually, but the Brazilians
 are nice, if a bit bland.
When I don't know what to order, I'll look at the words
 that Tom uses to describe the beans I know I like, and see
 if they are used in other descriptions.
Be well,
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3) From: =?iso-8859-1?q?Bob=20Cassinelli?=
Similar to Yirgacheffe
--- Zara Haimo  skrev: > I've been
mostly drinking Kenyan and Ethiopian
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4) From: Ken Mary
IMO any of the Colombian beans that SM's offers comes close, but nothing can
compare with a Kenyan except another Kenyan. You should try to roast your
Kenyan beans lighter, do not wait for second crack. For "different" beans
try Timor.
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5) From: Jack Berry
May I add that Tom's El Salvador SHG Santa Adelaida is 
just as Tom commented, a real crowd pleaser. Not 
exotic but to me it's very balanced and sweet, easy to 
drink. It may by my Christmas coffee this year.
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From: "Ken Mary" 
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Subject: Re: +new beans to try?
close, but nothing can
should try to roast your
For "different" beans
coffees lately with a little
some more beans soon and
order.  I usually use a
espresso machine, yet - and
City.  Any suggestions for
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6) From: Penelope
Sometime around 10:10 7/2/02, Zara Haimo typed:
For not much any other reason except it popped into my head, Burundi AA 
Buyendi roasted to a good rolling second crack.  FYI, I personally had to 
rest this one a good 3 days for it was to harsh for me.  Uganda Budadiri is 
also a favorite, with it's chocolaty overtones.
--  --
John Nanci 
AlChemist at large
Life is too short to drink bad coffee.

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