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1) From: Rick Farris
Sorry, I didn't mean to be obscure, and please note the smiley.  I was ju=
suggesting that "soy milk" is not cream *or* milk.  As such, it seems abo=
the same as any other "ersatz" :-) substitution.  (During the depression,=
was it the great war?) coffee was scarce, and was cut with chicory, among=
other things to extend it.)
-- Rick
"John - In Deep Southern Texas"  wrote:

2) From: Rick Farris
AlChemist John  wrote:
Jeezus!  Now to be a coffee snob I've got to buy a goat?  :-)
-- Rick
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3) From: coffenut
What, didn't you get the flyer?  They're available on Tom's website
under the "frothing tools" section.  They're the latest innovation in
direct access.  Just put your cup under the goat, a couple of pulls on
the convenient milk dispensers and you're ready to go.  Fresh coffee and
fresh cream all from your own home.  If the neighbors wondered what you
were up to when the saw you roastin' coffee...wait'l they get a load of
ole "billy".   All in all, its not baaaaaad.
Coffenut  :^)

4) From: Les & Becky

5) From: coffenut

6) From: Charlie Herlihy
coffee...wait'l they get a load of
O.K., coffeenut, just HOW do you get milk from "old BILLY"
You really don't want to know that, Becky.
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7) From: Les & Becky
 Had an uncle though (who lived on a farm)
That is almost as bad as when I forgot to tell my friend Tommy (when we were
11) on his first weekend on my grandpa's farm not to spread the manure with
the wind!  (It was blowing about 40 MPH.)
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