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1) From: Irene and Lubos Palounek
John - In Deep Southern Texas - wrote:
" ...So send me your address and we'll drive up and  help you decide which
is best :))"
John, you are welcome to visit but it is not a short drive for you. What is
your email address? I will send you our address and directions. Our email
address is PAL"at"IEEE"dot"ORG
I mean the invitation seriously. (See Note below.) I can also offer you some
good (alcoholic) mixed drinks and excellent smoothie from a recipe in a
recent Cook’s Illustrated magazine, much better than other smoothie recipes.
(No yogurt in it, plenty of fresh strawberries and some, not much, of
Has anybody have a GOOD recipe for a coffee or espresso smoothie? I think it
needs some fruit base, but I do not know which fruit would best combine with
an espresso. Just bananas seem too dull.
Cheers, Lubos
I plan to order the Hot Top and I think it would be fun to have an "Austin
roasting party" (or several parties) - people bring 250 g of their favorite
green beans, we roast them in the Hot Top roaster -- and share the resulting
roasted beans. That, I believe, may be worth the trip even for you. BTW, how
long a drive is it for you to the Bee Cave edge of Austin?
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2) From:
I just ordered my subscription to CI!  I really enjoy trying the new
recipies- haven't ever heard of an espresso smoothy.  Lets come up with a
recipe and send it in to CI!
Austen is sorta close to Tulsa, Only about 500 miles, it sounds like a lot
of fun!  I could bring the Solis Digital 5K.  Could even bring the Syd and
Jerry roaster if anyone is interested.

3) From: Irene and Lubos Palounek
Below is our preliminary recipe for the Espresso - Strawberry Smoothie.  It
needs more refinement. Perhaps more milk and ristretto instead of the
espresso? More (or less) of the espresso?  Different fruit?
Espresso - Strawberry Smoothie
Inspired by the Berry Smoothies recipe in the Cook's Illustrated magazine -
May-June 2002,  page 21
Vary the amounts of sugar depending on the ripeness of the fruit.
1     medium ripe banana (about 4 ounces), peeled and broken into eight to
ten pieces
3-1/2 cups strawberries (about 16 ounces), washed and dried
1/2	cup whole milk
3/4   cup espresso, chilled
Pinch salt
3-6	teaspoons sugar
Put the blender container and serving glasses in the freezer. Make About 20
minutes before serving, put 1/2 cup of milk in a covered cup in the freezer.
Line rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper-, arrange banana and berries
in single layer on baking sheet. Freeze fruit until very cold, but not
frozen, about 10 to 12  minutes.
Prepare two double-shots of espresso, 3 oz (about 90 ml) each. For each
doubles hot, use 17 g (0.6 oz) of beans ground such that each 3 oz double
shot of the espresso takes about 25 seconds to make; not less than 20
seconds, not more than 30 seconds. Chill the espresso, put the 3/4 of cup
you made (in a covered cup) into the freezer.
Remove the blender container, fruit, milk, and espresso from the freezer. In
the blender, puree cold fruit, milk,  3 teaspoons of sugar tablespoon sugar,
until uniformly smooth, 10 to 15 seconds, while removing the serving glasses
from the freezer.  Taste for sugar; if desired, add more sugar and blend
until combined, about 2 seconds longer. Serve immediately.
If you try it, let us know how you like it.
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4) From: Irene and Lubos Palounek
I have tried and I have failed.
The "trial" recipe for the Coffee - Espresso smoothie I sent some time ago
is not good.  I have tried to improve it and I have failed. No variation was
as good as couple of drinks made by following recipes from a cookbook.
Perhaps the best "coffee" smoothie recipe we have found is from page 46 of
the Vita-Mix book; here is a slightly changed version:
1 cup of cold milk
1/4 cup vanilla yogurt
1 small ripe banana, pealed
1 double ristretto
1 tablespoon sugar
Place all ingredients in the Vita-Mix container in the order listed. Secure
the two-part lid on the top of the machine. Select Variable speed #1. Turn
on the machine and quickly increase speed to #10, than immediately to HIGH.
Run for 30 seconds or until smooth.
Another good drink is from page 67 of the same book:
Tropical Café
I first chill 1/3 cup of strong freshly brewed coffee; I chill it for few
minutes in a SS (milk steaming) pitcher in a bowl with crushed ice. And for
coffee, I prefer several shots of espresso. But I believe any strong freshly
brewed coffee will make an excellent drink.
Making the "Tropical Café":
Place the following ingredients in the Vita-Mix container in the order
1/2 oz or more 90 proof or more rum -- experiment here with brand and amount
1/3 cup cream of coconut (we keep it in the refrigerator)
1/3 cup pineapple chunks with juice
1/3 cup strong freshly brewed coffee, chilled
1-1/2 cup ice cubes
Place all the ingredients in the Vita-Mix container in the order listed and
secure the two-part lid. Select Variable speed #1. Turn on the machine and
quickly increase speed to #10, than immediately to HIGH.  Run for 10 to 15
The home-roasted coffee is, of course, best.
Enjoy! Lubos for both of us.
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5) From: Angelo
Grasshopper, what is the sound of one banana pealing??   :-)
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