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Topic: Thanks-Panama Boquete-Finca La Berlina ' 02 (7 msgs / 290 lines)
1) From: John - In Deep Southern Texas
    Most of us have been THERE!  Tom could almost shut down his web pages
and just rely on the list to do the selling :O))   I happen to be one of =
weakest. I protested that I was clearly not going to order - and then did=
Roasted some of the Island St. Helena tonight - now to wait on it to sett=
    Funny thing about coffee - my neighbor was over and chatted while I w=
roasting. The conversation turned (it always does) to the cost of the bea=
Then he said - "funny they look exactly the same as the cheaper ones!"   =
I'm trying to figure if he was setting me up to try some of each :O))
John - going to work on cleaning the coffee area up

2) From: John - In Deep Southern Texas
    No job, I just bought a ski mask :o))     I had the St. Helena in the
roaster before the Big Brown truck was out of sight.  Our driver is a rea=
neat guy - and he only honks when its from Sweet Marias.  This time when =
rounded our corner and headed down the block he already had the box in hi=
hand. He hit the horn and bounded out with the box.  I asked him if he ha=
time for a cup and he said they could lose their jobs for that.... didn't
know that!  Anyway we had it unpacked and in the roaster in about 2 minut=
 I tracked these little guys across the country so my roasted stock will =
depleated just in time for the family dinner on Sunday to get the ISH.

3) From: John - In Deep Southern Texas
A hot cup of coffee isn't the best thing we can offer our guy. He reaches=
between 4:30 and 6pm and is usually sweating a little because of our heat=
He does appreciate a glass of ice-water and always accepts that offer. I =
brew up some Frapucinnos and have one ready on Tuesday when he is schedul=
to deliver some books from Amazon.

4) From: TFisher511
Just a thanks to all who have posted how great the Panama Boquete-Finca La 
Berlina ' 02    is. I had been totally ignoring all of you.....just minding 
my own business.....I have tons of coffee....more than I can possibly roast 
and drink in a reasonable time. 
I kept ignoring all the posts except, somehow, now I too will have 5# of 
Berlina on the way to Florida the first part of next week.
Anyone going to be in the Clearwater area let me know and I will be glad to 
roast up a few batches of whatever to share and enjoy.
I don't know if it's a soft touch or a soft head?
Terry F
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5) From: TFisher511
I read your protests and snickered as I saw them collapse. I was just 
wondering if you have found that part time job yet. If you get a job you may 
have less time to read the list (which has been unbelievably active lately) 
and save some money by avoiding the temptations. I work full time and it 
hasn't worked for me, but maybe.......
 I have my new St. Helena but must to finish off more of what I have roasted 
before I can try it. Working on close to the last of my Kawali Blue Mountain 
and am convinced it is my all time favorite. Maybe tomorrow or Sunday Helena 
will meet the roaster.
Terry F
 john writes:

6) From: coffenut
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You gotta give your UPS guy a "coffee to go" to keep him outta trouble.
I have a similar relationship to yours with my UPS person.  He's always
honked and loves talking with me about my Sweet Maria's orders.  I've
given him ice water, cokes, etc on these hot days to take with him
(usually just fill his Mega-cup).  We normally have a couple minutes to
chit-chat, but then he's got to be on his way.  A really nice guy.

7) From: R.N.Kyle
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My UPS person ask me why I buying porn He saw the Sweet Marias Logo and =
thought it was some kind of porn, When I told him it was green coffee =
beans, we both had a good laugh 
Ron Kyle
Roasting in South Carolina

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