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1) From: Rick Farris
Bob Trancho  wrote:
Exactly.  Double the batch could be done with (about) the same size heati=
coil in double the time, which wouldn't be a bad thing in my eyes.
-- Rick
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2) From: Ed Needham
I've been able to get 6 oz roasts with my HWP using a few mods, but was
unhappy with the uneven, flat results.  I reversed all the mods to the
original because I really didn't want to go further and make irreversible
changes to the roaster.
Check the archives here and alt.coffee for details.  If the standard HWP is
that close to doing 6 oz roasts, then it seems feasible that with a few
enhancements, it could do 6 ounces.  I think that increasing the hole size
near the center would allow even more airflow.  Agitation of the larger batch
was an intermittent problem.  Using a variac to bump up the voltage to the
fan and heat element might also do the trick.  Using a resistor that would
allow higher temps would also improve the roast in light of greater air flow.
Here, in a nutshell is a summary of my mod to go to 6 oz. roast batches with
the HWP:
First, I took out the little washer at the base of the bean dispersion shaft
to allow greater airflow (it really does make a difference).
I then used 3/4" of spacers to lift the dispersion shaft higher to
accommodate the extra volume of beans.  I needed to buy a longer screw to do
Ed Needham

3) From: Dan Bollinger
Ed, Last week I did almost the exact mods to mine!  Great minds think alike,
My first attempt was to try a 125g batch.  Set it on 7.0  Burnt the cr*p
outta it!
Then, I turned a brass 7/16" high spacer to the dispersion rod and removed
the washer.  The greater flow had no problem moving 125g batches. Set it on
7.0  But, the roast went too fast and tasted like something from a grocery
store, but closer to the roast I expect from a 7.0 setting.
However, this lead me to believe that I could replace the 1/2" washer with a
7/8" fender washer, reducing the airflow and maybe increasing roast time.
It might make a simple way of getting longer roast times.  I'll let you know
tomorrow when I time some roasts.
I went back to my 83g batches (83g makes just the right amount of ground
coffee for two French press pots, hence no leftovers).
With the new HWP coming along I don't fee compelled to do much more in the
way of modifying my roaster.  Eventually, I'll give it to a friend and want
it to be original.  Dan
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4) From: Jack Berry
Great ideas guys! I look forward to trying them. I'm 
roasting 100g batches now with times ranging from 
~6:30 to 8:00 (city to full city), depending on the 
coffee and my mood. Do either of you expect to be able 
to go beyond 125g?
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From: "Dan Bollinger" 
Subject: Re: [RE: +HearthWare's new roaster]
6 oz. roast batches
the bean dispersion
shaft higher to
buy a longer screw to
Great minds think alike,
7.0  Burnt the cr*p
dispersion rod and removed
125g batches. Set it on
something from a grocery
the 1/2" washer with a
increasing roast time.
times.  I'll let you know
right amount of ground
to do much more in the
it to a friend and want
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5) From: Jack Berry
I tried the mods this morning and had a mixed result. I pulled the washer
and added about 5/16" of washers to increase the height of the dispersion
I measured 125g of Sumatra Triple Pick and put the thermocouple in the
beans. The agitation was so low I knew I'd loose the roast if I didn't
intervene so I did what all home roasters did, I winged it. I picked up the
roaster and swirled the beans to prevent burning the bottom layer of beans.
After about 1.5 minutes of swirling I sat the roaster on the counter and
watched the temperature and agitation. First crack was at 4:47 and this
roast went into the second crack by maybe 10 seconds, the beans were
slightly shiny. Total time was 8:55 (normal time for this roast on the stock
HWP has been ~7:30-7:50). The top temp was 247C but the curve won't be
pretty. Because nearly all the agitation was with the fan on high speed
(which didn't happen often) the temperature fluctuated quite a bit.
My questions now are:
	1. Will raising the dispersion rod another 1/4" increase agitation enough
to roast 125g?
	2. Will the current setup work with 120g?
	3. The real prize - will this change in equipment have a positive affect on
the coffee?
I was hoping that once the beans began to loose some weight from moisture
loss that the fan would be able to handle the load. I was partially right.
Whether or not the agitation was adequate I won't know until I taste the
coffee - Monday or Tuesday. The roast looked pretty even.

6) From: Dan Bollinger
Jack,  I did some more testing, too.  Coincidently with Triple Pick! They
must be very dense beans.  I had trouble agitating 83g with the washer out!
I'll give everybody the data once I do a cupping.  Dan

7) From: Ed Needham
I couldn't get it to make a good roast.  It sometimes looked good, but tasted
very flat.  Other times it was obviously an uneven roast.  A looonnnggg time
ago, I posted that if you tilt the Melitta Aromaroast (some may remember that
roaster), it would agitate the beans better.  I also used this method with
the HWP and it helped a bit.  I think the key to using these mods may be to
get a variac and a 'hotter' resister for the HWP, otherwise, it just doesn't
have the ooommmmph.
Ed Needham

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