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Topic: 1st FR+ vs Caffe Rosto (6 msgs / 110 lines)
1) From: John - Deep Southern Texas
The first one to one bean comparison from last night's roasting.
    Ambient was 75 degrees (done in the kitchen
    Roasted to 12 minutes 45 seconds
        Color: light chocolate - no oil
    Roasted FR+ 4.8 minutes
        Color: Dark chocolate - slight sheen
The coffee from the FR+ is by far a smoother cup. The coffee done in the
Caffe Rosto has a grassy taste - probably needs to be roasted much darker.
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2) From: John - Deep Southern Texas
    Roasting time.  The beans are Guat huehuetanengo because the are read=
fastest of my stock.  I'll check the voltage, but it should be a constant
120 (I have PowerGuard on the house system)

3) From: hlhurd
Do you mean 12 min 45 sec + the cooling time after the timer reaches 0 or 12
min 45 sec total including cooling?
If it is the former I will be amazed.  That much time in my Rosto would give
you very dark and completely oily beans.
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4) From: Rick Farris
John wrote:
I'm glad you turned me on to how fast the Huehue beans are ready, John.  I
put it to the ultimate test when I woke up this morning and realized that I
didn't have *any* beans roasted.
I whipped out the Huehue, roasted it up to full-city, ground it and made a
16-oz press-pot out of it.  The whole process took about twenty minutes, and
made quite a nice cup.
Thanks for the tip.
-- Rick
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5) From: TFisher511
rick writes:
This is  not a good way to maintain a CSA membership. I wonder if John has 
any roasted coffee on hand?? HeHe!
Quick thinking Rick, to save the membership and all before your first cup of 
coffee and probably before brushing your teeth. 
Good job!
Terry F

6) From: Rick Farris
Terry wrote:
In my own defense, I have seventy or eighty pounds of green beans
stockpiled, and I am waiting on my ISH to appear, so I didn't want to have
too many beans roasted, delaying my ISH trial.  Yeah, that's the ticket. ;-)
Along with my ISH is coming five pounds of the La Berliner.  Has anyone else
noticed the really distinct cocoa-powder taste of the La Berliner once it
I also ordered some of the Kenya Karani.  I wasn't too happy with the last
Kenya I bought -- AB, Gakui auction lot.  I'm hoping the Karani is the
"right" type of Kenya.
-- Rick
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