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Topic: Customer Appreciation sale? (17 msgs / 344 lines)
1) From: Paul Jolly
I fear I'll miss this one.  Can somebody post
info when the fabled sale hits the net?
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2) From:
Good idea- we'll start a neighborhood  watch!  I don't want to miss it

3) From: Mike McGinness
From: "Paul Jolly" 
In true CSA form if I find out first I'll let you know...after I've placed
my order!
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4) From: Dan Bollinger
I've been checking the SM website everyday, still no customer appreciation
sale prior to the move. Only 8 days to go. Anyone hear anything?
It makes sense to sell inventory rather than handle it twice and pay to have
it shipped.  Or, maybe it was for 'select' customers and I'm not one of
them. :(
Too bad, I was planning on buying quite a bit including a new Zass grinder.
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5) From:
Yes sorry to say you are correct Dan.  I was notified, and bought 20lbs of
St Helena Peaberry(saved just for this sale) at $1 a lb!  Also bought His 12
kilo Dietrich for $200 and received  20 lbs of La Mineta as an appreciation
gift!  It was some sale!! :)
Scott (Ok, so I'm lying!) (And still envious of those Texans too!) :)
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6) From: hlhurd
I stopped waiting for a sale & placed a big (for me) order, 20 lbs of beans
plus some brewing toys, that came yesterday.
I'm in Michigan so I used the excuse that shipping charges & time will be
vastly increased after the move.
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7) From: JB Christy
I'd recommend announcing your plans for the sale ASAP, especially if
you've decided not to have one.  I think many people are waiting to
place their "stock up" orders until you announce the sale prices.  At
some point folks will decide to stop waiting and order enough to get
them through 3 weeks of downtime; I therefore predict you'll get a big
hit of orders right before you close down.  With all the last minute
stuff that you'll have to deal with when shutting down, packing up and
moving, I suspect that you'd prefer that we place our "stock up"
orders earlier rather than later.
If you could tell us what your plans are, we can schedule our orders
so as to minimize your hassle.  If you've changed your mind about
having a sale, that's cool; just let us know so we can place our
orders now and not dump on you on your last day of business.
Good luck!
P.S.  Will the homeroast list stay up while Sweet Maria's is closed?
Will there be someone we can contact if there's a problem with the
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8) From: Dan Bollinger
Holly,  I was going to use that excuse!  But now that you have I won't be
able too.  Durn!  Guess I'll have to come up with another excuse like "its
Tuesday and there's a new moon" or something.  Dam
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9) From: Mike McGinness
From: "Dan Bollinger" 
For some of us (like me) maybe it's a good thing. I don't NEED any more
excuses for buying more greens or coffee paraphernalia! :-)
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10) From: James Gundlach
On Tuesday, August 6, 2002, at 05:40 PM, Dan Bollinger wrote:
I've been waiting too.  I've got to be away for the next several days 
and I don't know if I will have internet access.  Guess I will miss out.
    Jim Gundlach
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11) From: AlChemist John
Sometime around 17:06 8/6/02, Dan Bollinger typed:
And I have to go the other way.  I'm in Oregon and it would work better for 
me just to wait for them to get closer.  Besides,  a sale would be 
appreciated but I find that the coffee is so inexpensive to begin with, I 
would almost feel guilty waiting for a better deal.  I can't even say I am 
waiting for them to move closer, I just don't need (want?, maybe!) coffee 
at the moment.
You know, I have noted on the list every so often it is mentioned tongue in 
cheek that "really, it will save money home roasting".  Granted, I have 
only been home roasting about eight months but I HAVE saved a bit of money 
compared to pre roasted coffee.  This includes my roaster, two poppers (and 
improvements (help, see other post :-() and green coffee.  So far a little 
over  $100.  And this even while I am drinking more coffee because it is 
soooo good.
John Nanci 
AlChemist at large
Roasting and Blending by Gestalt
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12) From: Dan Bollinger
I've found I'm drinking LESS coffee because it is so good!  Go figure.  Dan
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13) From: dewardh
begin with, I would almost feel guilty waiting for a better deal
I agree, and then some.  I'm not looking for "something for nothing" . . . I'd 
rather see Tom *raise* prices a little and be sure that he and Maria, their 
employees, and their suppliers are getting a fair deal . . . (and that their 
excellent service and selection will continue well into the future).  I don't 
home roast to "save" $0.50/pound . . . (at someone else's expense).
Guess I'm more a "Californian" than an "American" . . . I don't feel any 
"entitlement" to benefit from the undercompensated (slave) labor of others . . 
Deward Hastings
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14) From: Dan Bollinger
LOL! Only a Californian would think of this!  I'm sure Tom and Maria know
how to run their business profitably.  In fact, I rely on it!  If they goof
up, we don't get great beans.  I operate a small business too (my wife and I
have 12 employees), and I know that if it costs 50 to ship a pound to CA,
then a 25 per pound discount is a win-win.  Nothing unethical about that!
;)    Dan
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15) From: Rick Farris
Deward wrote:
Sit on your hands!  Sit on your hands!
-- Rick
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16) From: Jack Berry
Hi Deward,
I'm sure you're a nice guy and didn't mean to offend but I guess you did.
I'm probably a little sensitive about who gets called an American. Seems to
me it's pretty much everyone who's met the qualifications set out by
Congress. So your note was a little unsettling and I let it 'settle' for
several days before responding off line.
I just don't remember seeing a sign saying "Now leaving America" when
crossing the state line into California. I didn't have to present a passport
to fly there either. I think Californians are Americans - 100%. And I think
Americans (for the most part) certainly don't want to profit at the expense
of under compensated labor once they know the facts. That is why the Fair
Trade movement in coffee sales is beginning to take hold. And why groups
like Coffee Kids are beginning to grow. Americans usually want to correct a
wrong when they know about it.
I applaud your concern for Tom & Maria. I want to see them prosper and
continue doing the great job they do. I don't know of another business that
provides so much information and ownership about the product they sell.

17) From: Jack Berry
I apologize to Deward and the list. I meant to send this note off list and
obviously the technology is smarter than the guy at the keyboard. I know God
forgives me, I hope you all will.

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