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Topic: the "Wrong subject line" (6 msgs / 175 lines)
1) From: John - Deep Southern Texas
Rick!  S/n   I had you pegged for a younger guy, but s/n is a 70's term. 
And Lubos with Bitnet - its been a L O N G time since I've heard that.  I=
I was going to say something about coffee being the same through it all -
but I'm convinced that coffee is improving all the time.  Migrating subje=
has always been with us though. [I didn't change this one because its sti=
on topic]  I remember ARPA and the Green worm machines when you had a tex=
form to fill in - nobody complained then about HTML - we complained that
there was no way (without direct connections) to share drawings.
To keep it coffee related.  My design group were all advanced coffee
drinkers in those days.  We ground our own (a novelty then) and brewed in
French presses - which people would stop and stare at.
John - going for the Geritol

2) From: John - Deep Southern Texas
If you do, I have a patch offered by the Incredimail guys for stopping th=
HTML responses.  Now I've got to learn to press the button.

3) From: John - Deep Southern Texas
    It resets to the mode of the received mail. So I would flip back over
(did) when replying to your blue ink.   I am trying to make this thing work
because I use it on the Linux side as well as the XP side of my system.  I
know the list is the wrong place to test - but I've already canned the MS

4) From: Rick Farris
Lubos wrote:
You bet I do.  I started on ARPANet in 1977!
That's a reasonable approach.  Some people forget that the only way to
improve the S/N ratio of a communications channel is to increase the S, not
the N. :-)
-- Rick
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5) From: Rick Farris
John wrote:
Well, I could speak to Eb/No, but S/N is a lot simpler to explain.
-- Rick
P.S. That last post was in HTML again.  I'm loving it.  I think I'll get
IncrediMail and post in HTML, too.
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6) From: Rick Farris
This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
It's obviously not a very good patch, 'cause you're still posting in
-- Rick

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