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1) From: John - Deep Southern Texas
Sorry Wendy - I'm using a new mail program with lots of features because it
works on the Linux side of my system. But I'm about to go to something else
because it replies in kind - if it receives HTML it leaves it in that mode.
And I can't tell when I reply.  Then the next post I make it will stay in
that mode apparently.  I really hate using Netscape, but may because it is
the ONLY other program that works under both operating systems.

2) From: Wendy Austin & Thomas Oswin
Morning All
I would like to ask people if they could turn off their HTML please.
Using HTML increases the size of the message a lot and for those of us
paying a hefty charge by the minute to download Email, it all adds up.
Bandwidth is a resource which should not be wasted.
HTML exposes recipients to the risk of catching a virus.  Although I use an
Apple Mac so this is not such a problem for me but I am a caring and sharing
person so I show concern for those using PCs :-)
Many popular e-mail readers simply do not read HTML.  Isn't it ironic that
the applications that do read HTML well are precisely the ones which have
the security holes.
I am not on the Digest list but I know HTML can make the list virtually
This is the only list of which I am a member that allows posting in HTML -
the list administrator on those other lists has configured their server to
automatically filter our HTML formatted Email and it will bounce back to the
sender with a message to please post with plain text.
I realise there is the odd Email that comes through in HTML in error but
there are some people on this list who always post in HTML.
I don't think it is a big request that HTML be turned off- this is a coffee
roasting site and we can do without fancy fonts and colourful signatures.
Have a look at Why Developers Don't Want HTML Email.
Thanks for listening!
Wendy Austin & Thomas Oswin
Coastal Road
Mauritius Island
Tel/ans/fax  (230) 6257399
Mobile  (230) 2560182
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3) From: jim gundlach
On Thursday, August 1, 2002, at 09:48 PM, Wendy Austin & Thomas Oswin 
I just read some of the July archive and found that when I reply to an 
e-mail that is in HTML and I include a selection from the the earlier 
message, the repeated part includes HTML tags.  It seems that being HTML 
free is not all that obvious.  Until I find a way to know when I'm 
dealing with HTML, I guess I will have retype the repeated content.
Jim Gundlach
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4) From: Lissa
On Fri, 2002-08-02 at 07:28, jim gundlach wrote:
Sometimes, cutting and pasting it to a clipboard, then back, will have
the same effect.
I'd also like to correct one thing that has been stated about HTML, that
it cannot be read by folks with Linux boxen.  Evolution, a Linux e-mail
client, does handle it correctly.  There are a few other Linux GUI
clients that also do.
I still dislike HTML e-mail intensely, but really, it is up to Tom, as
the moderator.  It is also a violation of netiquette to post comments on
the moderator's decisions to a list.  They should go only to the
Be well,
The gods play games with the fate of men.  Not complex
ones, obviously, because gods lack patience.
Terry Pratchett, _The Last Hero_
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5) From: Jonathan Carr
As an option to waiting for others to figure out how to turn off 
HTML, if you are using an email program with customizable filters, 
you can create a filter to Match messages that contain keywords like 
 or DOCTYPE HTML, and Actions to do an automatic Transfer To 
Any message with html automatically gets dumped, and you don't have 
to read it. Also, a lot of recent spam uses html, so this filter also 
acts as a moderately effective spam filter. For further protection 
against spam, you can set up another filter that automatically 
trashes any post that does not have your Email address in the "To" or 
"Cc" fields.
The nice thing about this solution is that you don't have to preach 
to others what to do and what not to do. You get what you want (not 
reading html), and they get what they want (sending html). Simple, 
and it works.
The only problem with this method is that you still have to download 
the messages to filter them out, so it isn't of any help when you 
have to pay high connection rates - like Wendy, or if you are using 
some sort of roaming gateway service while travelling overseas.
hope this helps,
jonathan carr
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6) From: Angelo
I notice that the To: field has    homeroast  in it. 
If I do what you say, will i trash the list messages?
Thank you,
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7) From: Jonathan Carr
Dear Angelo:
This very well could be the outcome, IF you don't have any other 
filters active. However, nothing prevents you from using multiple 
filters. In my case, I have another filter set up so that any message 
with homeroast in the To: field gets 
automatically transferred to the "Coffee, From" mailbox, which I 
created specifically for this List. Since this List has chosen to 
always use "+" in the subject line, you could also use that as a 
valid trigger for your filters.
Just play around with the filters a bit, and I am sure that you will 
get the hang of it. And if you don't like the results (can't find a 
compromise which is acceptable to you), erase the filter and start 
over again. Even if your filters don't work so well at first, I 
wouldn't suggest that you give up, unless running wild, running free, 
or rather, running unprotected is your idea of a good time.
By the way, I would suggest that you do _not_ have the Trash mailbox 
set to automatically Empty itself on Quit (in Eudora, which is what I 
use, you will find this in the "Miscellaneous" settings). This is 
especially true if you haven't yet managed to create a filter that 
meets your requirements. This way, even if you have to quit or shut 
down your computer, you can go back and manually fish through the 
Trash if you suspect that your deletions may be cutting too deep. Any 
"good" message you find, just "transfer" it out of the Trash to 
whatever mailbox you normally use for the HomeRoast list.
Regarding the dregs that remain in the Trash, do a "Select All", and 
then a "Clear." Presto! No more offending messages.
Good luck! jonathan carr
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