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Topic: Roaster P***ing list :) (6 msgs / 132 lines)
1) From: John - Deep Southern Texas
    You need to open a web site and post your review of all these :O))

2) From: Mark Prince
At 11:10 PM 01/08/2002, you wrote:
Let's see who can top this:
2 Alps (fully functioning)
4 HWPs (ditto, but two not used yet, future prize candidates for the CG site)
2 FRs
1 HT
1 HWG (not opened)
2 original WBP models, one heavily modified with a cool cycle.
3 Proctor Silex Popcorn Pumpers
1 Melita Scary Roaster (my name for it)
1 Unimax 585 Infrared roaster (eBay acquisition, I'm afraid to fire it up)
And Ted, we all know the FrankenRoaster (or more popular, VolksRoaster) 
would win just by it's sheer originality, so you're not allowed to join in 
on the p***ing match :)
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3) From: Mark Prince
At 07:58 AM 02/08/2002, you wrote:
Hey, that sounds like a plan :)
Seriously though, I am using most of those roasters (well, one of each) in 
my evaluations coming up for the Alp and the HT... so it's good having a 
choice. Still, Jeanette looks at me weird.
But it's not like a recent Aibo collector I saw, who at last count had a 
baker's dozen of the $1500-$3500 creatures. :)
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4) From: Irene and Lubos Palounek
.... at this moment, we have two HotTops (*), two Caffe Rosto CR120, one
Gourmet, and two (old -- they never roasted any usable coffee) Melitta
roasters, a modified heat gun -- also useless, and a pan used for the
"old-fashioned" type of roasting.  I hope that the HotTop will be roasting
the coffee beans better than the other ones and will end being THE roaster
we use...
Cheers, Lubos
(*) One HT came this afternoon, the other HT does not work and will be
shipped back to Kyra.
(*) The first HT has been shipped back, so we have just one HT.
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5) From: coffenut
So, am I reading it correctly...you're on the 3rd Hot Top?  If so, what
happened with the 2nd unit or did I miss a message?
Coffenut  :^)
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6) From: Irene and Lubos Palounek
"...so, am I reading it correctly...you're on the 3rd Hot Top?  If so, what
happened with the 2nd unit or did I miss a message?"
Dear Coffenut, I am afraid that you are "reading it correctly" -- but I have
stated "it" vaguely or incorrectly.  I am on our Second HT and like the HT
very much.
Cheers, Lubos
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