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Topic: alp questions [longish answer] (5 msgs / 103 lines)
1) From: Charles Cowdrick
Brian asked:
*MUCH* quieter. I cannot hear the cracks with HWP, which is like a blow
dryer. The alp hums with a swish/swish as beans tumble inside. It is very
easy for me to hear both first and 2nd cracks.
I must have a corrected model. The roasts from spring through summer (60 -
98 F) are pretty consistent, but I'd advise not to depend on the roast
number (1 to 15). Someone on the list suggested setting it at 15 and
listening to the cracks and peeking with a flashlight. That's what I do, and
I've been happy ever since with the Alp.
My HWP is *very* sensitive to ambient temp (sigh). I'm also in mid-west, and
winter is a problem. I'm going to rig up a flex metal laundry hose to alp
and stick it down the JennAir. I plan to do the same for HWP. Last year had
the HWP near a slightly opened window in winter with undercooked roasts --
then learned from the list to immediately hit roast again. All in all, that
was not particularly satisfactory. Got my alp in May, so it's been lovely on
the front porch.
Not necessary. I rely on sound and sight.
HWP produces a brighter bean and cup. Alp is smooth and deep. It took a bit
to get used to the Alp--Tom says you have to be a serious hobbiest for the
Alp, and he's right, IMO. You have to like messing with it it because it is
not, IMO, a set and forget kind of machine. It also needs to be kept very
clean inside where the barn doors are, especially. My posts of a few weeks
ago testify to the trouble caused by build-up of coffee oil there.
(Loooooong roasts, er, bakes!).
Finally, I love my Alp. It's a terrific machine. I use it for my base
espresso blends, but I also use it for Moka Kadir and while a few beans
stick in the drum holes, that's not a problem unless the smoke from them
burning gives you a false sense of the total roast being done. That's why
you need a timer so that you *know* that smoke after 6 min. doesn't mean
much. I also prefer my HWP for the small amounts of beans to roast for the
more exotic parts of the espresso blends. I dearly love watching the beans
turn color and do wish the Alp had a viewing glass like the HT does. (But
you can touch the top of the Alp and not get burned, too.)
You live in Columbus? Jeez, that must be like living next to the candy store
with Sweetmarias there. Too bad about the move -- my shipping rates will go
up too! ;)
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2) From: Irene and Lubos Palounek
Charles Cowdrick wrote about the Alpenrost roaster:
"...peeking with a flashlight. That's what I do..."
Charles, I thought that the Alpenrost does not have a glass window through
which you can look. That was one of the reasons why we were waiting for the
HotTop drum roaster which has a glass window.
Regards, Lubos
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3) From: Charles Cowdrick
Lubos Palounek wrote about the Alpenrost roaster:
"Charles, I thought that the Alpenrost does not have a glass window " 
It doesn't. I crack the lid and peek in.
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4) From: Kathleen Tinkel
Charles Cowdrick said:
Me, too. Wait until after first crack -- then it doesn't seem to do 
any harm. Keep a good large flashlight next to the roaster so I can 
see clearly.
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5) From: EuropaChris
That's one area where the Gourmet is superior.  I can roast anywhere from 40F to 90F ambient and it roasts almost exactly the same time and roast level.  The thermistor sensor cycles the heat to keep the roasting temp quite consistent.  Aside from the racket it makes and it's 'limited' capacity, I like it, and use it rather often, alternating between it and the rest of my popper stable.
"Charles Cowdrick"  wrote:
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