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Topic: Roasting by weight vs. volume (8 msgs / 152 lines)
1) From: Paul Jolly
I've never paid much attention to weight when
roasting, preferring to measure out a consistent
volume of beans.  I wonder about the various
theories regarding this.  Anyone have any
insights into why one ought to roast by weight
vs. volume?  Appreciations in advance!
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2) From: Dan Bollinger
Paul,  From what I understand, roasting by weight will yield more repeatable
results.  Beans have different densities.  Since roasting is bring a mass
(bean cellulose + water) up to a certain temperature, this will be more
consistent if you use the same mass each time.  Measuring by volume means
that your mass will be different when you change beans or use the same bean
from different harvests.  Dan
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3) From: Jack Berry
Roasting by weight also allows you to compare pre & 
post roast. The percentage loss is water and is 
another indication of the degree of roast (city, full 
city, french, etc.). There are several references that 
index the roast intensity by percent weight loss. This 
requires a good scale, one with .1 gram resolution IMO.
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From: "Dan Bollinger" 
Subject: Re: +Roasting by weight vs. volume
will yield more repeatable
roasting is bring a mass
this will be more
Measuring by volume means
beans or use the same bean
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4) From: John Blumel
On 8/5/02 2:30 AM, Paul Jolly wrote:
I have found that roasting by weight works best in my alpenrost 
(225-230g) but roasting by volume works best in my HWP (one level HWP 
John Blumel
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5) From: Gary Zimmerman
Paul Jolly wrote:
Hi Paul,
I'm a volume roaster too.  I use about a cup of beans for every roast, 
regardless of the variety and density of the beans.
I don't think it matters much if you're the type (like all of us) to 
actually participate in your roasts.  Consistent weights may be important 
if you want "repeatable" results between bean varieties, but I doubt that's 
attainable anyway owing to varietal differences.  Also perhaps if you want 
to set-it-and-forget-it roast, but none of us really does that.
Another thing someone mentioned is that if you weigh before and after 
roasting you can have an idea of moisture loss.  If that's important to you.
Finally, some of the products sold specifically to roast coffee beans seem 
to instruct users to roast no more than a certain weight of beans.  In 
these cases, you'd need to weigh the beans to ensure you are not trying to 
roast more than the roaster can handle.
But if you're watching, listening, and smelling what's going on during the 
roast, and adjusting to suit, I don't think weighing would be any advantage 
over scooping.
-- garyZ
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6) From: Paul Goelz
At 09:26 AM 8/5/2002 -0700, you wrote:
Yes we do!  Or at least I do.
My roasting of late is confined to CRLM, Miel and La Magnolia, and I 
measure out exactly 8 oz. into the roast drum of my Alp (new version), set 
it at "6", and walk away.  It ends up at EXACTLY the same level of roast 
each and every time.  I used to fuss with it more, but I found that I don't 
need to with the Alp.
Paul Goelz
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7) From: EskWIRED
I've found that the bean density varies greatly.  I can do a full cup of
Monsooned Malabar in my modified Pumper with no need to stir, but 3/4 of a
cup of fresh, small, dense beans can need stirring.  Being a lazy sort, I've
thought about pouring the coffee in slowly, until just before it stops
moving properly.  It seems like this would be an automatic weight measuring
system, which would also take density and aerodynamic properties into
account, and which would result in the exact right amount every time.  And
not need stirring.
Anybody do this?
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8) From: Paul Goelz
At 08:33 AM 8/5/02 -0500, you wrote:
And also raises the possibility of a good way to guage the roast
automatically?  If the iternal vibration can be filtered out, just weight
the batch when you start and roast for a predetermined weight loss
percentage.  ???
Paul Goelz
Rochester Hills, MI
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