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Topic: alp qs result and thanks (7 msgs / 163 lines)
1) From: Brian Ray
hi all - thanks for all of the informative posts re my alp qs.  i just 
stopped by this afternoon and took the plunge (i am going to seriously miss 
being able to instantly gratify my impulses when SM makes the move - 
although my bank account might start looking better ;-). i almost backed out 
since oiling the bearings on my hwp returned it to working order, but i had 
already talked myself into needing the bigger capacity and slower roast (my 
wife has ceased beleiving me when i tell her that this hobby will save money 
in the long run!)
anyways, i am looking forward to my first roast this evening - probably some 
of the iskander triple pick.
brian in columbus
proud owner of a new alp
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2) From: coffenut
Congratulations...it's a great roaster, produces lots of body "and" is
no longer the most expensive drum-type home roaster.  The thing is built
like a tank and I've just crossed the 250th roast on my original unit.
I recently took mine apart and was very impressed with the internal
design, layout and simplicity.  
Just make sure you clean the tar and gunk that will accumulate on the
flapper doors, and the flange that the doors touch (when closed).  The
doors are not something you have to clean on every roast, but it's good
to clean then about every 10th roast with some Urnex.  Urnex cuts right
through the build-up very well and makes the inside of the lid shine
like new.
If roasting indoors with an Alp is a problem for you, several of us have
created ways to get around that problem too.  You can look at the List
digest and find lots of past discussion on that topic.
Have fun,
Coffenut  :^)
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3) From: Michael Rochman
" no longer the most expensive drum-type home roaster. "  
Which one is???
Thanks, Mike
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4) From: Michael Rochman
Thank you.

5) From: coffenut
I hear that Baratza is the US importer, but actually read about the
thing over at Coffegeek (Mark Prince's) site.  Not to mention, there's
been a ton of talk on this list the past couple of weeks (where have you
been)?  Mark did a very nice review on the new "improved" Alpenrost as
Coffenut  :^)
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6) From: Michael Rochman
Been in Jamica, Mon. 
Drinkin da JBM.

7) From:
Where in Jamaica?  I never drank or bought anything over there that didn't
taste like sewer.  I wanted to go up to a coffee farm, but the taxi was
outrageous, like $300 one way.  We stayed near Ocho Rios.  I would love to
hear your experience was better than mine!:)  I have pretty much written
Jamaica off as both a coffee and a vacation spot, I hope you had a good
Scott Jensen

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