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1) From: Robert Wolfe
Try the right Kona, roasted correctly. It's great stuff, equal to anything 
on Tom's list and better than most (including St. Helena at virtually any 
roast profile, IMHO). Price? Geez, I just don't buy coffee on price alone, 
so I guess that one doesn't work for me. I love great Indonesian 
cofffees,  Sulawesi and Java, and Yemeni stuff, too. I've come to enjoy 
great Colombian, Panamaniam and Nicaraguan stuff, thanks to Sweet Maria's. 
But really, great Kona beats almost anything, to my palate.
JBM?  Well, that stuff is just overrated.
Robert Wolfe
The Oregon Pinot Noir Club
816 Nantucket Ave.
Eugene, OR 97404
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2) From:
Hi Robert,
How did your homebuilt roaster project come out?  If I remember correctly
you had a glass blower making you a roast chamber.

3) From: TFisher511
I think if you try the right JBM, roasted correctly, properly rested, you 
would be amazed. But I drink mostly the Ethiopians, Guatemalans, oh heck, 
just about anything but Monsooned Malibar. Not so much the earthy coffees but 
more the naturally sweet and some of the fruity flavors are my favorites. The 
new Kenya's are also amazing, and I didn't drink much Kenya before.
Terry F
pinotguy writes:

4) From: R.N.Kyle
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Terry, you mentioned JBL, roasted right, and rested the correct amount =
of time. Exactly how do you roast yours, and how long of a rest. I had =
some, and roasted it light, med, and dark, and I really didn't like all =
that much.
Ron Kyle
a coffee roaster from South Carolina

5) From: TFisher511
I usually roast the JBM just to the point where it feels like second crack is 
ready to start. Most of the JBM seems to roast a little slower than a lot of 
other coffees. I then let it rest, sealed, for a full 48 hours to develop the 
deep, rich JBM flavor that appeals to me.
I can't really say it is better than a good Kona, or one of the current 
Panamas or Guatemalans or even the ElSalvadore. But it is unique and I truly 
enjoy a pot every now and again.
Terry F
rnkyle writes:

6) From: R.N.Kyle
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Terry, what kind of roaster do you use. The two that I use are a FR+ and =
a WB poppery II. the PII gives me a slower and a much more even roast =
then the FR+ I always end up with a few burned beans with the FR+.
Ron Kyle
a coffee roaster from South Carolina

7) From: TFisher511
I usually use my HWG to roast the JBM because, like your PII, it gives a more 
even and somewhat slower roast than the HWPrecision or the FR+. I have an old 
Unimax2000 roaster that I would like to try, but my wife doesn't drink coffee 
and a 1/2 pound of JBM is too much for just me. I never want to roast more 
than I would drink in two days of the higher priced coffees.
Now that I have a FoodSaver, I may do a larger batch and try the MM freezer 
thing. It would at least be worth a try and I would extend the roast 
considerably in the old U2000. Maybe tomorrow? The HotTop really does 
interest me but since John seems to have drank himself into oblivion, it 
makes me just a bit nervous. But.....Christmas IS coming.
Terry F
rnkyle writes:

8) From: R.N.Kyle
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