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1) From: Jcpxyz1
Steve. D. - You commented on stale coffee and life begins at 40. At the age 
of 86, my opinion is: The thrill of youth is very similar to the peak of 
freshly roasted coffee - once passed, your sunk, 'cause we have no reverse 
gearing. Kinda sounds like I just mimicked your comments, doesn't it? My 
opinion on life begins at 40 was deduced from living to 86, my opinion on 
freshness of coffee was deduced in recent months by getting into home 
roasting and reading this list. Like so many other home roasters, I now 
consider most coffee I used to accept as the norm to be yukky.  Best Saludos 
- Jim Price
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2) From: JKG
the age
peak of
it? My
opinion on
86 and getting into homeroasting?
I raise my cup of coffee to you.
Very cool.
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3) From: R.N.Kyle
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86 and roasting coffee, Jim you give me hope.
thanks and keep on roasting and enjoying coffee.
Ron Kyle
a coffee roaster from South Carolina

4) From: Ed Needham
Way to go Jim!  I hope I am adventurous at 86 and not so set in my ways that
I cannot experiment with new hobbies or experiences.  Heck, I just hope to
make it to 86 !!!
48 and climbing...
Ed Needham

5) From: Ben Silva
You could always be like Ted Williams and get into the whole cryogenics
thing...for your coffee, of course.   :-D  But then again, that might just
be a _tad_ overboard.

6) From: Gary White
Life begins at 40?  Glad to hear it!  I just passed the milestone on 8/13.
Good thing I placed an order for lots of greens and a French Press (my
first) on my birthday to kick off this new phase of life.  I just received
the order yesterday (8/16) and I'm loving the new toy.  I had been using the
SwissGold One Cup almost exclusively for some time and thought that I was
getting good cups.  The FP makes a much better cup.  I was worried about the
sediment as I'm using a cheapo $20 Salton plate grinder.  I bought the
SwissGold replacement screen for the FP and the sludge has been pretty
minimal.  I actually made a cup of St. Helena which had no sludge at all
(good to the last drop).
Happy roasting - Gary

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