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1) From: Dan Bollinger
Would you -- and any of the wok roasters here -- say that wok roasting leads
to bright coffees or coffees with more body?
as to
rest of
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2) From: Alpha Bitch
 I have done further experimentation with wok roasting.  Evaluation of results
by an impartial jury (my son-in-law, who is a coffee drinker but uncontaminated
by the opinions of the real aficionados. I poured him some of the Miel I roasted
earlier this week, without comment.  He tasted it without sugar and immediately
said "What is this? It's great coffee.  Doesn't even need sugar - it is
naturally sweet - and what a great chocolate taste too!".  I thought the opinion
of an unsophisticated taster was a clincher
For those of you unable to get an even roast with a wok.  I am mystified as to
why.  Since I was unimpressed with the Kona done in the FR+ I poured the rest of
it - about 13 oz into the hot wok. The resulting roast - city roast - fairly
light can be seen at http://www.lhasa-apso.org/private/kona.jpgLet you know in about 3 days how it tastes.
For the conservation of the Tibetan Lhasa Apso,
Regards, Cathy
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3) From: Alpha Bitch
Dan Bollinger wrote:
I would have to say neither.  The wok is slower and there is a tendency to some
spread of "doneness", so that some of the beans are more developed than others. 
So I don't get the same overall sharpness with the acidic coffees, but I don't
lose the sweetness either.  I get some roast flavors from the beans that are
further along, but they are not predominant.  It is more like a melange roast if
anything - more complexity.  I don't have well enough developed tastes to
distinguish degrees of "flatness" which some on the list have noted, but both I
and my captive string of tasters (relatives) think the flavors are rich, sweet
and balanced.  
I have not tried very dark roasts because first I don't really like them past
full city, and second because I don't want to set off the smoke detector.
For the conservation of the Tibetan Lhasa Apso,
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4) From: Angelo
That's nice looking bunch of beans....I was expecting them to start 
talking, like in that TV commercial of the talking coffee bean (can't 
remember the product)..
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5) From: Les & Becky

6) From: Dan Bollinger
Nah, too long for a headline, try:
"Wife Woks Hubby's Hobby"
"Woks Wrong?"
"Wife Chafes at Chaff"
"Hubby Chaffs, Wife Chafes"
you get the idea....  ;)
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7) From: James Gundlach
On Friday, August 16, 2002, at 09:21 PM, Dan Bollinger wrote:
I would say that wok roasting gives you the ability to make the coffee 
bright or give it more body.  If you want more body roast slower, say a 
15 minute profiled roast.  If you want it bright, go with a small roast 
and high heat and get it done in under 7 minutes.
Jim Gundlach
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8) From: Les & Becky
Dear Cathy,
I just wanted to let the folks know that Tibetan Lhasa Apso is not a
religion, but a wonderful dog. (Almost as nice as Pugs my bias !)  And
if offended by your new handle "apha bitch" it is also a reference to dogs.
You ought to see the reaction people get when they hear me a minister talk
about my "nice bitch."  Now to coffee, I can't wait for it to cool down so I
can try wok roasting!  You have me excited, but these 95 plus days and all
the smoke from the forest fires causes me not to want to smoke or heat up
the house any more than it is.
In S. Oregon
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9) From: jim jordan
Good Day All- Don't be surprised to see a news item
that reads something like" Elderly Missouri man beaned
with wok by attractive younger wife following mishap
with coffee roasting".  I really should have been
paying closer attention to earlier posts.  I have a
real nice heavy Le Cruset wok and figured to try wok
roasting. I started with a pint jar of Kenya Karani. 
It ended up darker than I wanted but should be
drinkable.  I have a couple of questions and
1. Q  How does one control and get rid of the chaff? 
I had chaff everywhere.  That's when my loved one came
in with a Mike Tyson smile and asked if we had made a
little mess.  Yes we had.
2.  It made a lot( LOT) more smoke than I was used to
(FR+).  Is that normal?
3.  When I stirred the pile, it quit making noise for
a few seconds. I had trouble telling where I was with
1st Crack etc.  I was at a fairly dark roast before
the beans seemed to all be getting to the same spot. 
Is there something I need to know about getting the
beans to roast more evenly?
4.  I may try wok roasting again someday after the
swelling goes down.
--- Les & Becky  wrote:
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10) From: James Gundlach
      See my comments below.  In general I can wok roast because my 
kitchen and stove are a little different than most peoples.
On Sunday, August 18, 2002, at 10:24 PM, jim jordan wrote:
I cool the beans by pouring them out on my restaurant range's griddle.  
I kind of rake the beans to one side and the chaff gets left behind and 
I wipe it up with a damp sponge.  Doing this a couple of times gets rid 
of at least 90% of the chaff.  I don't worry about the rest
Absolutely.  My kitchen is built so that it connects to the house by two 
doors at eh corner that attaches to the rest of the house.  I close 
those doors and open the outside door and the windows.  I also turn on a 
box fan in one of the windows to exhaust the smoke.  Since your house 
was probably not designed so the slaves were the only ones to endure the 
added heat from cooking in the summer you probably don't have that option
I find that using a large stainless steel spoon to repeatedly lift the 
beans from one side of the wok to the other so that it is somewhat like 
the mixing that a cement mixer does is better than the kind of stirring 
action you would use to stir a soup or mix a cake batter.
Keep it, all the better to gain points for CSA membership.
Jim Gundlach
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