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Topic: anyone in Kansas City area willing to sell some decaf? (5 msgs / 102 lines)
1) From: Robert Cantor
Wouldn'tcha know it!  My father's coming this weekend, he can only drink
decaf.  Now I *know* I have some decaf somewhere, but I looked through every
coffee box and can't find it.  If Tom were reading this he'd probably climb
deep into the moving van and drag some out and fedex it 'cause he's so kind
that way, but he's not reading this.  Anyone in the KC area have any green
decaf they're willing to sell?  (preferably 1/2 lb of komodo and/or
something to blend it with)
Bob C.
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2) From: Scott Jensen
I'm not in KC,  but Tulsa.  Will be happy to ship you some of Toms great
decaf, don't have Komodo, but I like a blend of His Sumatra, Gimbi and
Mexican even better.  It is wonderful.
Scott Jensen

3) From: Steven Van Dyke
You might check with City Market Coffee down in the City Market, of course.
They've got their own roaster now so I know they have greens.  Haven't
bothered to try their beans since I get such good stuff from Tom, but I've
kept this bit of knowledge tucked away for emergency use.
Steve :->
(oh, and check out my simple homepage -http://www.svandyke.com- Lots of
new pictures recently added)

4) From: jim jordan
Gotcha covered. I've got about a pound or so of
Ethiopian Ghimbi Decaf. Give me a call at
816-942-8277, we are in South KC near Blue River and
Blue Ridge.
Cheers  Jim Jordan
--- Robert Cantor  wrote:
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5) From: Robert Cantor
Thanks to Jim, Chris, Steve, Scott And any of the rest who would have done
if I'd been in your city.
Bob C.

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