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Topic: Blending Monsooned Malabar (10 msgs / 153 lines)
1) From:
I have the remains of a pound of MM left after I roasted a couple of batches.
Frankly, I couldn't stand the taste of it brewed straight (not espresso). I was
wondering if anyone had any suggestions for blending it that would tone down the
taste somewhat.
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2) From: Jim Schulman
Haven't had it for a while, but I used to post blend it 50/50 with Tom's Mocha 
Kadir, roasted to a rolling 2nd. I found the monsoon flavor added a touch spice 
to the chocolate/fruit flavors of the MK, and mixed well with the gamey roast 
flavors of the Harar in that blend..
I guess any fruity or chocolatey variety would work the same way
On 21 Aug 2002 at 16:03, marc wrote:
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3) From: Gary Zimmerman
Similar idea to what I got with a Kenya, Raimy, Malabar blend - equal parts.
Actually, I've found the Malabar is nice to add to a lot of different 
coffees.  Just a little bit - maybe less than a third of the beans you 
grind.  It's adds a (nice, IMHO) aftertaste.  Even if you don't like the 
funk, you can add just a little, so it's subtle - just makes the coffee 
taste linger.
-- garyZ
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4) From: coffenut
Try mixing the Malabar 50/50 with Ethiopian Yirg (roasted just past the
first few snaps of 2nd C) to tone it down a bit.  I've done this and
found a good use for the Malabar after disliking it by itself too.
Coffenut  :^)
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5) From: Les & Becky
I like about 15% mixed in with a Mocha Java blend.  It gives it more depth.
I also like it with Brazilian coffee at about 25%
I find that it gives a nice complexity without the earthiness of the
straight roast which I can tolerate.  However, one of my favorites is 25%
Harrar Horse, 25% Mexican Decaf, 25% Monsoon Malabar and 25% Sumatra DP,
preblended and roasted about 20-30 sec into second crack!  Great for shots
and vacuum brew!
Roasting in S. Oregon
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6) From: Vicki Smith
MY latest SM order just arrived (yay, no broken bags). It included 2# of 
both the Monsooned Malabar and the Sulawesi Toraja as Tom recommended a 
50-50 blend in his MM review.
Am I correct in assuming that the 50-50 recommendation is by weight, 
rather than by volume?  I was amazed to see how much bigger the bag with 
the MM is than the same weight of the Toraja. Knowing how the MM is 
prepared, I guess I shouldn't have been, but I was.
I'll be experimenting with both beans a bit (both as SO and as a blend) 
but I do like trying Tom's recommendations as well.

7) From: Dan Bollinger
Vicki, most compounding of dry ingredients is done by weight. Either in percent 
of the total batch (common on this forum), or the more commonly done method in 
industry, by parts.  i.e. 100 parts Brazil, 50 parts Harar Horse, 20 parts 
Monsooned Malabar.

8) From: Vicki Smith
I figured as much, but thanks for the confirmation. It will be 
interesting to see what the volume difference is in the roasted beans. I 
actually ordered these coffees for a friend who doesn't roast himself 
(yet). He pays for the beans, but I get to *skim* about 25% of anything 
I order for him as my, urmmm, fee for doing the ordering and roasting.
It has been interesting to me to work with this fellow. He often stops 
by when I am roasting, but he seems scared to try it himself. I'm 
working on him ;).
Dan Bollinger wrote:

9) From:
both of these beans are FABULOUS single origin. I would also experiment with the roast over the blend.
---- Vicki Smith  wrote: 

10) From: Rick Copple
Vicki Smith wrote:
Probably scared he'll like it and then he'll have a decision to make! 
Rick Copple

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